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Smart ideas to strengthen your dosimetry program

You work in a highly regulated industry that requires worker trust. Whether you oversee radiation safety in a nuclear power plant, government laboratory, research reactor or industry facility, your concern is the same: sustaining safe practices while improving efficiency and reducing costs.

Opt for Industry Radiation Safety Programs

LANDAUER is ready to support you with two options to manage your dosimetry program: choose leading InLight® products or a full-service InLight program with accreditation support.

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1.8 Million Users
Every year more than 1.8 million people are monitored worldwide with LANDAUER OSL dosimeters

Technology for Any Exposure Environment

Dosimetry program managers have made LANDAUER’S proprietary Optically Stimulated Luminescence (OSL) technology the accepted industry standard for personnel radiation monitoring.

After introducing its first OSL dosimeter in 1998, LANDAUER developed InLight® as our onsite OSL analysis system. Today the InLight program provides dosimeters, analytical readers and support for virtually every industrial monitoring situation.

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