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Luxel®+ dosimetry service provides X, gamma, and beta radiation monitoring with optically stimulated luminescence (OSL) technology. OSL technology is the advanced passive radiation protection dosimetry that improves on the best features of traditional film and TLD technologies. Neutron detection, processed with Track Etch® technology, is optional where the CR-39 is incorporated within the Luxel+ dosimeter’s clear plastic pack. Luxel+ can be packaged for personnel monitoring, area monitoring, emergency response or other specialized services.

Luxel+ offers complete reanalysis to confirm the radiation dose measurement, imaging of unique filter patterns that provide diagnostic capabilities to identify static or dynamic states during radiation exposure, increased sensitivity and precision, a wide dynamic range of measurement, and excellent long-term stability. In addition to these technological advancements, Luxel+ can be customized to meet the administrative needs of a radiation monitoring program through graphic, color, and packaging design options.

Luxel+ is ideal for occupational safety in hospitals, medical and dental offices, veterinary clinics, chiropractic officesimaging centers, and cancer treatment centers. The LANDAUER radiation dosimetry service includes a full range of diagnostic evaluation and reporting services accessed through your personalized myLDR portal.

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Luxel+ enhances the best features of traditional film and thermoluminescent dosimter (TLD) technologies. Luxel+ exclusive state-of-the-art technology and advanced design features have set the new standard for the most comprehensive radiation dosimetry service available. The look of Luxel+ can be customized with a combination of graphic formats, backgrounds and department color-coding to help identify groups. Graphic formats change in color with each exchange frequency and each season has its own unique icon to distinguish wear dates. Icons on the label identify the location to wear the dosimeter. Luxel®+ LANDAUER – the Industry Leader – Setting the Highest Standards in Quality for more than 60 Years



Complete Reanalysis
The Al2 O3 :C (aluminum oxide) detector can be restimulated numerous times to confirm the accuracy of a radiation dose measurement

Unique filter patterns provide qualitative information about conditions during exposure

Increased Sensitivity
Minimum reporting as low as 1 mrem, with a precision of ± 2 mrem

Administrative Flexibility
Color coding, graphic formats, background options and icons on the label help streamline monitoring and simplify identification

Website Support
Track shipments, view dosimetry reports, browse your account and add/delete people or dosimeters on

Technical Specs
Radiations Measured
Photon (x and gamma ray)
Beta particle


AI2 O3 :C (Aluminum Oxide)

AI2 O3 :C (Aluminum Oxide)

Optional Neutrak® 144 detector inside dosimeter (CR-39)

Analysis Method

Optically Stimulated Luminescence (OSL)

Optically Stimulated Luminescence (OSL)

Chemical etching followed by track counting

Energies Detected

5 keV to in excess of 40 MeV

150 keV to in excess of 10 MeV

Fast: 40 keV to in excess of 35 MeV Thermal: under 0.5 eV

Dose Measurement Range

1 mrem to 1000 rem

10 mrem to 1000 rem

Fast: 20 mrem to 25 rem Thermal: 10 mrem to 5 rem

U.S. Accreditation

Accredited by NVLAP® (LAB CODE 100518-0) in subcategory general and in all categories including V1 when neutron component is added

International Accreditation

Internationally accredited in many countries such as Canada, UK, Russia, Australia and many more

Luxel Models

Pa, Ja, Ta

Pa, Ja, Ta

Ja (Fast: 40 keV to 40 Mev)
Ta (Thermal/Intermediate: 0.25 eV to 40 keV)


Luxel+ is an integrated, self-contained packet that comes preloaded, incorporating a thin strip of AI2O3:C (aluminum oxide) sandwiched within a multi-element filter pack that is heat sealed within a laminated, light-tight paper wrapper. The optional neutron detector is a CR-39 (allyl diglycol carbonate) based, solid-state nuclear track detector. It is not sensitive to x, gamma or beta radiation, and is incorporated into the Luxel+ dosimeter in an integrative, one-piece design. All of these components are RF sealed inside a temper-proof plastic blister pack. Mishandling, light leakage or lost detection elements are eliminated.


May be used for up to one year. Unaffected by heat, moisture and pressure when clear blister packaging is uncompromised.

Analysis Assurance

The AI2 O3 :C (aluminum oxide) detector can be restimulated numerous times to confirm the accuracy of a radiation dose measurement. A full reanalysis is automatically performed for every measurement yielding a dose in excess of 500 mrem. Imaging to identify static, dynamic, or contamination conditions is automatically performed for low-energy photon and all beta measurements yielding a dose exceeding 500 mrem.


The state-of-the art Finite Element Analysis study resulted in the development of the most durable holder available – simply snap the dosimeter into the holder with a secure clip.

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