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Product Discontinuation Notice

microSTARii® Recall Notice

nanoDot Recall Notice: US Only | International

Please read about the intended use of microSTARii® and nanoDot™ system.

The microSTARii allows you to quickly perform secondary dose verification with ease! The included, specialized software dramatically improves workflow and automates quality assurance (QA) tracking. In use across cancer centers, hospitals, and research centers, the microSTARii system is trusted by radiation oncologists and therapy physicists worldwide.

The microSTARii dosimetry system features a compact, lightweight, and portable reader to be used with nanoDOT dosimeters. The system is based on Optically Stimulated Luminesence (OSL) dosimeter technology for reliable and repeatable results for patient therapy QA.

What are the functions of the microSTARii Reader?
  • Intrinsic Measurements, which are used to assess reader stability, and 
  • Dosimetric Measurements, which are performed when reading a nanoDot dosimeter.
What are nanoDots?
  • Single-point radiation monitoring dosimeter 
  • No preparation required
  • Intended as a secondary patient dose verification quality assurance tool
  • Can be placed anywhere on the body
  • Can be analyzed multiple times
  • Uses optically stimulated luminescence (OSL) technology
  • Useful dose range 5 mRad to 1500 rad (50 μGY to 1500 cGy)
What are the major features of the microSTARii software?
  • An Optimized dosimetry workflow
  • Captures patient demographics, dosimeter characteristics, and exposure conditions
  • Perform dose calculations
  • Generate dose reports
  • Manage user accounts and administrative privileges
  • Integrated QA
  • Fully integrated and automated reader and dosimeter quality
  • assurance tools.
  • Database Backup
  • Automated database backup and administrative access to database management features.
The microSTARii measurement system includes the following components: 

microSTARii medical Dosimetry System Dashboard

  • The LANDAUER microSTARii Reader (Reader Box, Drawer, Power Supply, and USB cable).
  • A laptop with Windows Pro 64 bit OS with microSTARii software and Microsoft Excel installed.
  • A 2D barcode scanner.
  • A Calibration and QC set to be used for installation verification only; Cs-137 or 80 kVp may be chosen by the user.
  • Please note: nanoDots are NOT included



The microSTARii is an ideal solution in multiple settings, including diagnostic radiology, nuclear medicine, interventional procedures, and radiation oncology. Contact us for more information!