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OSLR readers are designed for use with InLight dosimeters for whole body, environmental and emergency response monitoring. The OSLR readers work with the LANDAUER complete dosimetry system, a solution for onsite dosimetry using LANDAUER OSL technology. OSLR readers perform both reading and annealing process with very high throughput making it quick and easy to process results.

OSLR readers are scalable with three models; OSLR 50, OSLR 250 and OSLR 700 available to adapt to the number of workers being monitored in your organization. The readers can easily be upgraded to a higher loader capacity to accommodate evolving needs.

The OSLR reader system comes with an external PC with menu-driven IRAS software. The software automatically captures bar-coded dosimeter serial numbers and associates the barcode with the end-user ensuring data accuracy and integrity. The reader and the software provide control over reader setup, analysis, database maintenance.

The system includes a Quality Control procedure with a reference QC dosimeter to ensure that the reader is performing optimally each time. All important components are automatically and periodically checked with built in QC procedures. Traditional technics with internal radioactive source or external irradiator are no longer required. OSLR reader uses QC delivered samples, internal LED and photodiode to perform all QC tests. This ensures rapid and accurate radiation assessment that can help improve the efficiency and productivity of dose monitoring programs.

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Key Features

  • No chip heating required prior to reading making the dose assessment process easier and faster
  • No requirements for gas supply for chip heating simplifying overall reading process
  • Technological advancements that enable faster reader throughput with the ability to read 300 dosimeter per hour
  • Simple and automatic calibration process to ensure repeatability and accuracy
  • Remote diagnostic and maintenance ability
  • Compatible with Windows 10
  • Compliance to global standards: IEC 62387-1:2012 - Passive integrating dosimetry systems for personal and environmental monitoring of photons and beta radiation - Radiation protection instrumentation
  • ISO/IEC 17025 Accreditation made easier with OSLR system
  • Independently tested by French National Metrology Laboratory (LNHB)
Detailed Specification (.pdf) 
  OSLR50 Automatic Reader OSLR250 Automatic Reader OSLR700 Automatic Reader
Model Type Benchtop Benchtop Benchtop
Dosimeters/Hour 300 300 300
Magazines/Dosimeters 1/50 Up to 5/250 Up to 14/700
Dimensions 39.8×17.8×13.9 inch/1011×452×352 mm 43.3×17.8×13.9 inch/1100×452×352 mm 46.7×17.8×13.9 inch/1186×452×352 mm
Weight 110 lb/50 kg 162 lb/73 kg 187 lb/85 kg
Power Requirements 100-240 V, 1.5 A, 50-60 Hz
Operating Temperature 10 °C to 35 °C
Storage Temperature -10 °C to 60 °C, 30-70% N.C.
Protection Index IP40