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If you’re looking for dosimetry badges for your chiropractic practice, you’ve come to the right place.

Exposure to ionizing radiation is a real (and potentially deadly) risk for chiropractors and their assistants. Taking patient x-rays is a common occurrence, and the health and safety of your staff should always be a priority.

By utilizing LANDAUER Luxel+ dosimeter badges for your chiropractic office, you’ll exactly how much dose has been received, so you can keep exposure levels below ALARA limits.

We regret that the current U.S. Export Regulations prohibit the sale of our products to U.S. embargoed countries. We must, therefore, decline any request for our products.
Why Chiropractors Choose LANDAUER
There are two main reasons LANDAUER Luxel+ is the leading choice for dosimetry badges for chiropractors and their assistants.

Lower Levels of Detection

Typically, the dose received by a chiropractor or assistant is very low. But repeated exposure to low doses will add up.

Luxel+ OSL dosimeters can measure down to 1 mrem, meaning you won’t miss any low-dose events.

TLD dosimeters typically only measure accurately down to 10 mrem. The precision declines sharply below 10 mrem.

Re-Readable Badges

If questions about exposure arise, our OSL dosimeters can be re-read to confirm the initial readout. This has many cost-saving benefits.

  • Protection from liability
  • Prevent unneeded equipment shutdown
  • Prevent employee downtime