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Radiation Protection Program | Radiation Safety Consulting Services

Nearly all 50 States Require a Written Radiation Protection Program. Do you have one -- is it compliant?

Make certain your Radiation Protection Program is in compliance across facilities and avoid potential fines, with a customized program developed by LANDAUER Medical Physics.

You will receive recommendations and guidance necessary to meet applicable state regulations, including National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements documents and Nuclear Regulatory Commission Reg. Guides 8.13 through 8.23.

Your program will address policies and procedures to help your facility maintain compliance in all areas of radiation safety. Elements of the program typically cover:

  • Personnel dosimetry
  • Shielding design
  • Required supplies
  • Equipment installation and registration
  • Fetal dose policy
  • Radiation safety education
  • Equipment testing and maintenance
  • State-specific laws

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us map showing states requiring shielding design where radiation safety officer support services can help maintain compliance

Maintain regulatory compliance and manage technological changes

LANDAUER Radiation Safety Officer Support Services can help.

Did you know that many states now require shielding designs when equipment is moved or newly installed? LANDAUER can help you meet this requirement.

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