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When you choose LANDAUER for your dosimetry needs, you’re not just buying dosimeters. You’re also buying the platform on which they’re managed, and it should make your job easier – not harder.

myLDR is our best-in-class platform that empowers you to not only manage your Luxel+, Saturn, and Vision dosimeters, but promote a culture of safety throughout your organization. With tools built to simplify compliance and provide actionable insights, myLDR is easy to use yet provides powerful functionality for any size dosimetry program.

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Simplified Compliance

At a glance, you can oversee fetal exposure to declared pregnant workers, view participants who are nearing ALARA limits, instantly track the status of your dosimeter shipments and exchanges, and identify delinquent participants.

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Centralized Data

No more gathering data from multiple sources. Whether you have one or multiple locations, departments, and/or accounts, myLDR can be structured to provide easy access to all of your dosimetry information.

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Actionable Insights

myLDR alerts you when action is needed to mitigate risks associated with regulatory dose limits. The optional RadFacts™ dashboard tool provides deeper insights and a high-level overview of the most critical metrics for Radiation Safety Committees.

Dosimetry Management Dashboard RadFacts screen

Dosimetry Management Dashboard - RadFacts™

Quickly analyze your dosimetry data and prepare for Radiation Safety Committee meetings with RadFacts. This optional add-on for myLDR provides the critical information you need, such as ALARA performance, collective dose, and fetal monitoring, all in one easy-to-use dashboard. More Information About RadFacts

Unreturned Dosimeter Dashboard

Eliminate the uncertainty about dosimeter return compliance and get the insights you need to make improvements. The Unreturned Dosimeter dashboard shows your return rate, with a breakdown of returned, unreturned, and lost dosimeters, and highlights which subaccounts have the most unreturned dosimeters.

Unreturned Dosimeter Dashboard screen
Bulk Participant Management screen

Bulk Participant Management

Managing a dosimetry program with a large number of participants doesn’t have to be cumbersome. Our bulk participant upload feature allows you to add up to 70 at a time, along with their dosimeter setups, in one step. You can also deactivate up to 100 participants at a time with a few clicks. See it in action.

Key Features

Manage Dosimeters

  • Add participants individually or via bulk upload
  • Remove participants individually or in bulk
  • Add, delete, or assign spare dosimeter to an existing participant
  • Duplicate participant detection
  • Declare a pregnant worker and add fetal dosimeters in a single step
  • Add fetal dosimeters
  • Order additional spare and unassigned dosimeters
  • View unreturned dosimeters and return rate
  • Mark dosimeters lost or returned


  • Download reports for multiple accounts in one step
  • Create custom reports with selected participants
  • Ancillary reports available, including Form 5, ALARA, and Termination


View Dose History

  • Summarize by participant, subaccount, and account (QTD, YTD, or LTD)
  • Unused dosimeter reports
  • Filter by ALARA levels (ALARA Browse)

Account Management

  • Manage multiple locations (subaccounts) in one account
  • Update ship-to and report-to contact information
  • Mass update subaccount addresses
  • View past and upcoming invoices
  • Secure online bill pay
  • Track dosimeters and shipments
  • Customize data views; adjust columns and visible information to minimize scrolling

For more information about myLDR, visit the myLDR video training library.