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It’s about more than just compliance. Gain peace of mind by choosing the industry leader in veterinary dosimetry.

If you’re looking for a simple, reliable veterinary radiation badge service for your practice, you’ve come to the right place.

Exposure to ionizing radiation creates potential health risks for radiation workers at vet clinics. Whether your techs are restraining an uncooperative dog who ate something they shouldn’t have, or they’re holding a bucky behind the fetlock of a horse during a PPE, their health and safety should always be a priority.

By choosing LANDAUER Luxel+ veterinary radiation badges, you’ll know exactly how much dose has been received, so you can ensure their exposure levels remain below ALARA limits.

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Why Conscientious Managers Choose Luxel+ for Their Veterinary Dosimeters


You don’t need to be an expert in radiation safety to use our secure online portal! Management of your locations, participants, badges, and billing is simple, and our responsive customer service team is on standby to assist.


Like clockwork, your new dosimeters arrive by the required date and your reports are loaded into your portal – no extra steps needed! We even include a handy shipping label to make returns easy.


Luxel+ is much more sensitive than typical radiation badges, meaning every dose will be accounted for, every time. With measurements down to 1 mrem, there’s no more “estimating” your employees’ actual exposure.


We know mistakes happen. That’s why we engineered Luxel+ to be able to withstand being put through the laundry or left in a hot car. And our unique Dynamic Reporting allows us to determine if exposure occurred while the badge was being worn – or left in someone’s locker over the weekend.


Unlike most other badges on the market, if questions ever arise about exposure or your reports, Luxel+ badges are able to be reread. All data is stored for 75 years, with high dose badges retained forever, and all others for two years.


LANDAUER is known worldwide as the leading supplier of dosimeters and dosimetry services. After 68 years in the industry, with nearly 2 million people wearing our badges, you can trust us to understand your needs and compliance requirements.

How Does Our Veterinary Dosimetry Program Work?

6 step process

Choose Luxel+ for Your Vet Practice


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  • Durable
    • Able to withstand common handling mistakes, including being put through the laundry or left in a hot car
    • Unaffected by heat, moisture, humidity, and pressure when packaging is uncompromised
  • Accurate
    • Measures accurately down to 1 mrem
    • Differentiates between exposure while being worn vs. left on a table or in a locker
  • Easy to exchange
    • New badges are automatically sent ahead of each wear period
    • Reports are available within 10 days of receipt of worn badges
  • Simple administration
    • Secure online portal allows fast and easy management of participants, badges, locations, administrators, reporting, and payments
    • Customizable look by employee, department, season, wear dates, locations
  • Reliable
    • Leading veterinary dosimeter badge supplier for almost 70 years
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