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LANDAUER Medical Physics can standardize your radiation safety services for improved safety, compliance and productivity. Boost performance and reduce risk with a single point of view on your radiation safety.

With LANDAUER as your turnkey partner, you can work to improve compliance for worker and patient safety and gain operational efficiencies.

Whether your institution is going through a system consolidation, evaluating new treatment options or navigating the complex value-based reimbursement environment, look to LANDAUER as a trusted consultant to standardize processes and establish best practices.

  • Eliminate redundancies to drive efficiency and productivity organization-wide. Use uniform reports, centralized documentation and consistent equipment performance testing across the enterprise.
  • Lower potential risk and support compliance across facilities. Use LANDAUER’s regulatory expertise, gap analysis, accreditation support and proven national best practices customized for your system to lessen radiation safety risk and support compliance across facilities.
  • Deepen staff expertise with basic and advanced training. LANDAUER® Academy online programs deliver just-in-time courses to meet your compliance needs. Visit our Events page to view upcoming activities
Save Time & Avoid Complications

A Single Point of Contact for Radiation Safety and Physics Customers

More than 81 percent of U.S. hospitals rely on LANDAUER® products and services. Has your facility recently merged? Are your radiation services delivered across an integrated delivery system? If so, our standardized services can improve your performance and reduce risk.

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Learn how to optimize your radiation safety initiative with our “Standardize your radiation safety initiative with a single point of view” and contact us for radiation safety officer support.

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