Luxel+ dosimeters are found in over 80% of hospitals across the U.S., where Radiation Safety Officers have come to rely on its stability, sensitivity and precision. Able to measure radiation exposure due to X-ray, gamma, and beta radiation down to 1 mrem with optically stimulated luminescence (OSL) technology, LANDAUER’s state-of-the-art dosimeters set the standard when it comes to radiation monitoring.

What makes LANDAUER the best choice for your dosimetry needs?

  • Great customer service! Our team of dedicated customer care professionals will work to get your questions answered and any issues solved promptly.
  • On-time delivery: We are proud of our 99.8% on-time delivery rate* of Luxel dosimeters
  • Reports available quickly: On average, dosimetry reports are delivered to the myLDR portal within 7.5 days* of receipt
  • Rugged and durable: Luxel dosimeters can be put through the laundry, dropped, and even handle hot and cold conditions without breaking down
  • Complete reanalysis: If questions arise about dose, Luxel dosimeters can be reanalyzed multiple times.
  • Sensitive and precise: Luxel dosimeters measure exposure down to 1 mrem, with a precision of +/- 2 mrem
  • Lightweight and customizable: Luxel badges are small and easy to wear, and you can select your own color coding, graphics, backgrounds, and icons to help streamline monitoring and identification
  • Easy-to-use online portal: myLDR provides admins with easy personnel management, reporting, analytics, shipment tracking, and more!

If you haven't had a chance to check out the information about shielding design on the site, we have a page about it. There is also a link to our shielding design application on that page.

If you have other questions about shielding design, please enter them below along with some contact information and one of our team members will get back to you as soon as they can.

We regret that the current U.S. Export Regulations prohibit the sale of our products to U.S. embargoed countries. We must, therefore, decline any request for our products.

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Get timely dose reporting. Unlike other solutions, the dosimeter is not damaged by heat or humidity, so read-outs are accurate. Every time. Count on it.

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Clip, Wear at Work, Get Reports. Accurate dosimeters. Accurate dose readings.
The dosimeter is worn on your clothing at work. For report guidance call customer service. 


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Reduce dose compliance issues. Luxel+ dosimeters detect radiation to the 1 mrem level, the most precise on the market.

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Impeccable service and the people we work with are outstanding. From our first encounter, we knew we were dealing with people who are knowledgeable of their product and very concerned with their customers’ welfare. We highly recommend LANDAUER to anyone who is working with radiation.

President, ECI Environmental Compliance






We chose LANDAUER because of their reputation. I love the ability to track everything on their website.  It makes my job that much easier and simple.  More importantly,  it allows me to focus on other areas, knowing that LANDAUER does their job so well.

Chief Technologist, GoHealth Urgent Care



LANDAUER supplies us with dosimetry badges for our staff to wear while using our fluoroscopy machine. They help us keep our office compliant and our staff safe. They make my job a lot easier with one less thing to worry about.

Office Manager, New Smyrna Wellness Center



The LANDAUER laboratory is accredited by the National Voluntary Accreditation Program for ionizing radiation dosimetry, NVLAP LAB CODE 100518-0**

*Based on internal audits conducted August, 2023
**No NVLAP accreditation is available from NVLAP for thermal neutron or X type dosimeters