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LANDAUER Shielding Application

If you need help at any time, please call +1.888.831.4880 Option 3
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Thank you for your interest in shielding design from LANDAUER. Please use this form to submit an application to the shielding design team.

As you complete this form, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • If there are units in more than one room, please fill out a form for each room. The reports are written separately, so it is helpful for us to have individual applications.
  • Please indicate the maximum number of exposures or scans the room needs to be shielded for during a 40-hour work week for each applicable imaging mode.
  • Consider growth in x-ray use over time to assure adequate shielding as modifications to the room can be costly in terms of material and additional physics service fees.
  • The facility radiation safety officer is ultimately responsible and liable for evaluating and providing the workload estimate used to shield the public and staff.
  • All workloads submitted by an agent or employee of the facility are assumed to have been reviewed and approved by the facility’s radiation safety officer.
  • LANDAUER Medical Physics is not able to calculate specific shielding requirements without appropriate radiation scatter information for the CT or CBCT model’s imaging modes.
We'll need to know who to contact - address, phone number, email address, etc.
Are you a vendor or are you working with a vendor? We'll want to be able to get their information.
Is it new, is it moving, what is the make and model, as well as information about usage.
We'll get information about with what and how the room constructed.
We need a scaled drawing of the room. You can upload one or download some graph paper to draw one. Please note: This needs to be a scanned image. Photographs will distort the image and we will not be able to accurately analyze the room. There are also free apps and software that you can use to make quick sketches online. Some that we have found include: ARPlan 3D