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Operate a top-tier radiation protection program with tailored guidance from our consulting team of radiation safety experts.

Landauer’s Radiation Safety Support Service is a customizable program designed to take the stress out of maintaining your radiation protection program. This service gives radiation safety personnel access to advantageous resources and a team of coveted industry experts with decades of combined radiation safety experience.

Created for Radiation Safety Personnel by an RSO

This service provides time-saving assistance helping to improve your organization’s safety response. Our Radiation Safety Support Service was created by a current Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) who knows exactly what the daily pressures and experiences are that come with the job. This service is designed for you based on your unique program and includes two core elements:

Dosimetry Management

  • Review dose reports
  • Manage as low as reasonably achievable (ALARA) Memos
  • Prepare customized quarterly executive summaries 
  • Provide electronic sign-offs for reports

Regulatory Compliance Assistance

  • Review existing policies and procedures and propose updates
  • Suggest mandated changes 
  • On-demand consultation for incidents and inspections
  • Monitor state and Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) requirements
  • Communicate with agencies on behalf of your organization
  • Prepare radioactive material license (RML) amendments and assist with license renewals and applications 

Detailed Specifications

Expertise for Improved Operations

Your annual subscription delivers timely support in dosimetry management, regulatory compliance and year-round access to the LANDAUER team via teleconference, email and phone.

Only LANDAUER connects you to a national staff of Certified Health Physicists and experts in diagnostic imaging, nuclear medicine, dosimetry and regulatory compliance.

Why use Landauer’s Radiation Safety Support Service?

Radiation safety personnel come to us for a variety of reasons. Many are balancing duties for the radiation protection program on top of their regular job duties, managing their organization's program while also working demanding careers in roles such as Nuclear Medicine managers to radiologists, physicians, office managers, and more. This service is an ideal way to alleviate that stress, giving radiation safety personnel a team of experts to rely on and utilize for their benefit so they can focus their time on their primary job responsibilities.

Some are looking for help navigating a transition such as the promotion or retirement of an RSO. Others turn to us for help after inspection findings, or in preparation for inspections to ensure they’re ready and compliant. Certain organizations are new to radiation safety and need help after installing a piece of equipment that requires a radiation protection plan.

While the causes for signing up for the Radiation Safety Support service are diverse, the result is the same: unmatched support from top experts in the industry.  

Radiation Safety Support Service Benefits

This service has numerous benefits for radiation safety personnel and their radiation protection programs. First and foremost, you’re getting support from a reliable 3rd party company with an industry-wide reputation. LANDAUER has been offering radiation safety services and solutions for over 70 years. We have experience working with organizations and inspectors around the United States and the world. 

With varying rules and regulations from state to state, we recognize each radiation program is one of a kind, which is why this service is customizable to your needs. Our team of experts helps you navigate these unique and complex requirements such as assistance with licensing, recommendations for improvements after an incident, or guidance ahead of an inspection. Our goal is to make your radiation protection program successful.

We know how important it is to have a bulletproof radiation protection program, but not every radiation safety professional is an expert in this field. This service provides that expertise without needing to hire additional staff. That, in turn, helps provide a cost-efficient solution: access to some of the best professionals in the industry without the added cost of hiring one person full-time.  

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“Bringing in Landauer made perfect sense for us. It’s been a safety net for us to have their expertise just a phone call or email away, and it’s saved us quite a bit of money. They are phenomenal!”

Shondra Murley Nuclear Medicine Manager and Assistant RSO for West Tennessee Healthcare
How much does this service cost?

The cost of service varies depending on the scope and size of the project. This service is available to small businesses as well as major hospitals. Please reach out to a representative for an accurate estimation of the service that will meet the needs of your business needs.

Is this part of Landauer’s dosimetry service?

This is an additional service on top of Landauer’s dosimetry services. While our dosimetry service provides dosimetry devices and reports, this service will take that one step further, providing access to industry experts to help analyze and further understand those reports in the greater context of your overarching radiation safety program.

Who can use this service?

This additional service is available to anyone who uses our dosimetry service. We work with hospital systems, along with professional medical offices including imaging centers, ambulatory surgery centers, diagnostic centers, dental practices, veterinary clinics, and other healthcare businesses.

Who is part of the radiation safety support team?

This team consists of radiation safety experts, all with leadership experience in healthcare.

What happens after signing up for the service?

After signing up for the service, you will meet your team of experts for an onboarding call. From there, our team will work with you to answer your unique questions and navigate your individual organization's program to help establish a strong radiation safety program.

Does this service help with radioactive material licenses and new registrations?

Yes. Our team of experts will prepare amendments for existing RML and new registrations annually with our Regulatory Compliance package.