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Dosimetry Solutions

Dosimetry Solutions

Gain peace of mind with LANDAUER radiation safety products and services, including dosimeter badges, dosimetry readers, as well as radiation data reporting software and analytics. For more than 65 years, LANDAUER has served the radiation measurement marketplace with innovative radiation monitoring products and expert technical services for radiation safety programs through unique partnerships with clients around the world.

We can assist whether you manage your own in-house radiation monitoring program or choose to participate in our radiation measurement programs. Contact us to learn more!


Choose from a variety of dosimeter badges for occupational safety in health care, industrial settings, energy companies, first responders teams, military sectors and more. For radiation oncology patient care, a specialized dosimetry system is available for secondary patient dose verification quality assurance. Browse the array of products and associate services offered for your organizational needs.

Luxel+ employs a Optically Stimulated Luminescence (OSL) technology. OSL dosimeters can be packaged for occupational radiation monitoring, area radiation monitoring, patient monitoring, emergency response dosimeter formats and more. Browse to learn about the dosimeter models and services available to serve your organization’s personnel radiation safety needs.

Explore our Dosimeter Badges below.

Luxel+ dosimeters have sensitivity and accuracy to a minimum reporting as low as 1 mrem, with a precision of ± 2 mrem. Luxel+ dosimeters are durable: unaffected by heat, moisture and pressure when clear blister packaging is uncompromised.

The Luxel dosimeter radiation monitoring badge relies on optically stimulated luminescence (OSL) technology for X-ray, Gamma and Beta and with an added CR-39 component for Fast Neutron radiation monitoring.

Choose this thermal neutron dosimeter for monitoring radiation near graphite-moderated neutron sources or monitoring requirements that involve exposure to low, high or varying mixtures of neutron energies, such as those occurring in nuclear power plants and shielded high-energy accelerators.

An extremity dosimeter ideal for those in close proximity to radioactive materials and ionizing radiation-producing equipment.

Easily applied to glasses, visors and caps to monitor your lens of eye dose.

The LANDAUER Real-time Dosimetry Service is the latest generation of the real-time dose measurement system powered by RaySafe™.

OSL dosimeter requires no preparation to wear and provides complete reanalysis capabilities for dose verification and archiving.

OSL dosimeter designed for organizations that prefer to manage radiation monitoring as in-house programs.

An OSL dosimeter that meets the standards of American National Standards Institute and Health Physics Society.

For emergency responders who may be accidentally exposed during a radiation incident.

Radiation monitoring of unmoderated or moderately shielded fast neutron sources (Californium-252, Americium-241 Beryllium)

For those exposed to low, high or varying mixtures of neutron energies.

A useful secondary patient dose verification quality assurance tool.

Worn on the wrist or chest. Designed for rugged conditions to measure low-to-high-level radiation dose from radiation incidents.

Available in 3 sizes, boards are lightweight, durable and can be displayed anywhere. 


LANDAUER’s radiation monitoring hardware includes readers for quick, onsite readout capability enabling organizations to maintain their own in-house accredited dosimetry programs. Stationary automated InLight dosimeter readers are available for medium and high-volume occupational dosimetry programs and the portable microSTARii nanoDot reader is used in hospital for patient dosimetry and in industry for equipment quality assurance radiation assessment application.

While dose limits and regulations vary, LANDAUER has unique knowledge and insight that allows us to advise on the correct radiation monitoring and radiation monitoring solution for your environment. Radiation Safety Officers set their organization’s As Low As Reasonably Achievable (ALARA) limits, which help guide LANDAUER reporting frequency. Coupled with our range of dosimeter badges, the LANDAUER’s radiation safety product suite is designed to help deliver a comprehensive occupational radiation safety program and meet legal dose of record requirements.

A compact, lightweight and portable reader using OSL technology for secondary verification of dose for patient therapy QA.

OSLR readers are designed for use with InLight dosimeters for whole body, environmental and emergency response monitoring.

A 5 pound portable reader. Easy to operate and can withstand rugged field conditions.

This reader allows you to identify the responder's dose on RadWatch prior to an event and during radiological incidents.


LANDAUER offers a variety of reports. Select from a number of reporting and data management products to assist in complying with your radiation safety management programs. These reports are accessible via the portal.

A letter-style report sent for all participants who exceed ALARA Levels 1 or 2.

Summarizes all exposure received by a participant during a calendar year.

Issued when the customer identifies an inaccuracy and requests a correction.

Corrected report is issued when the customer identifies an inaccuracy and requests a correction.

Used to detect minimal levels of radiation above natural background, either indoors or outdoors.

Details cumulative dose history and the permanent dose for a participant.

Provides the final dose received by a participant during the year (and lifetime).

Generated automatically (45 days after the employee terminates activity) and can be issued on demand.

Displays estimated doses for participants who have not returned their dosimeters for a specific wear date.

Generated every time one or more dosimeters exceeds the dose value threshold.

Displays all doses received by participants who have been pregnant any time within the past year.

Summarizes the doses received by participants at different facilities and aids in state and federal regulatory compliance.

Generated upon request for new customers or existing participants coming from another facility.

Provides dose of record information for those wearing dosimeters. Generated when dosimeters are returned to LANDAUER for analysis.

Part of the Radiation Dosimetry report and includes fetal and other doses for pregnant participants.

Can include organ dose, CEDE total, intake quantity by radionuclide, mode of intake and lung clearance class


Today's need to quickly assess data points and program details are made easier by a number of online dashboard reports available for at-a-glance information by facility or across multiple facilities. Choose from a number of current offerings noted below.

At-a-glance dashboards provide radiation dose comparisons across multiple facilities.

At-a-glance dashboards help you quickly focus on radiation safety issues.

Generates vital dosimetry reports each month in an easy-to-use electronic format accessed via

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