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When radiation safety is top of mind, you can count on LANDAUER. We deliver reports and radiation badges on time, offer a sensitive, rugged dosimeter that meets the needs of the toughest environments, and the experience to support you through any dosimetry challenge.

You work in a highly regulated industry that requires worker trust. Whether you oversee radiation safety in a nuclear power plant, a well logging company, a research reactor, or a nondestructive testing facility, your concern is the same: sustaining safe practices while improving efficiency, adhering to regulatory compliance requirements and reducing downtime.

You can trust the experts at LANDAUER to provide tailored personal radiation dosimetry services to help you achieve your radiation safety goals.

Why Industrial RSOs Choose LANDAUER

LANDAUER radiation badges are the #1 choice of manufacturers, NDT companies, research labs, and utilities around the globe. From single-truck pipeline inspectors to nuclear power plants, we can create a program that fits your unique needs.

If you haven't had a chance to check out the information about shielding design on the site, we have a page about it. There is also a link to our shielding design application on that page.

If you have other questions about shielding design, please enter them below along with some contact information and one of our team members will get back to you as soon as they can.

We regret that the current U.S. Export Regulations prohibit the sale of our products to U.S. embargoed countries. We must, therefore, decline any request for our products.



The LANDAUER lineup of radiation badges provides unparalleled sensitivity, accuracy, and detection levels to meet the demands of the manufacturing and industrial workplace. Compared to the old film badges and TLD technology, our OSL dosimeters are sensitive down to 1 mrem and accurate within +/- 2 mrem, so you measure every dose, every time. And no more guessing if the dose was received on the job or at home – our exclusive “motion detection” technology can distinguish between situations.


Rugged and reliable

Resistant to moisture, temperature extremes, and humidity, the Luxel+ is designed for use in harsh environments. With its small form factor and no dangling parts to get caught on equipment, the Luxel+ badge will be a welcome addition to your Radiography team’s safety protocols.


on time

Are you tired of chasing down your reports and new badges from a disorganized supplier? Our automated exchange process means you’ll have your new dosimeters in hand before the end of your wear period. And your required reports appear in your online portal before the auditor comes knocking. Prefer to do your own reading? Then you’ll want to check out our InLight lineup.


Expertise icon

LANDAUER is known worldwide for our expertise in dosimetry and radiation safety. With multiple global accreditations, and the only dosimetry service provider recognized by DOELAP as an approved vendor for external dosimetry services in the United States*, we have 70 years of experience keeping personnel safe. Whether you provide NDT or NDE services, use moisture density gauges on a construction site, or conduct nuclear research, we’re here to provide guidance on all aspects of personnel and area monitoring, audits, and inspection readiness.

*Landauer is assessed by DOELAP assessors every three years to ensure they continue to meet or exceed the requirements in DOE-STD-1095, Department of Energy Laboratory Accreditation Program for Personnel Dosimetry


customizable icon

We’re proud to say that LANDAUER is not a one-size-fits-all dosimetry provider. From unusual badging schedules to a wide variety of custom reports, we can create the perfect badging service to fit your unique needs. We can also review or even create your Radiation Protection Program or ALARA plan for you!


first choice icon

Why do some of the largest companies in the world choose LANDAUER for their industrial dosimetry needs? Because we are the industry leaders in all things radiation safety. We follow the strictest protocols when it comes to manufacturing and reading our badges, deliver reports and badges on time, and have the largest staff of health physicists available nationwide to assist with any challenges that arise.

BONUS: we don’t have supply chain issues!

Beyond the Film Badge: Accurate and Sensitive Radiation Badge Solutions for a Wide Variety of Industries

We’ve come a long way from the old film badge. Today’s OSL radiation badges from LANDAUER use our proprietary Al2 O3 :C technology, which provides the needed accuracy and sensitivity, along with some unique features found nowhere else.

Luxel+ is a compact radiation badge that uses our OSL technology to measure photon (X and gamma ray) and beta radiation for personnel and area monitoring. CR-39 neutron detection is an optional add-on.

  • Re-readable
  • Static vs. dynamic exposure; identifies whether the dosimeter was being worn at the time of receiving dose
  • Photon: detects 5 keV to in excess of 40 MeV, measures 1 mrem to 1000 rem
  • Beta: detects 150 keV to in excess of 10 MeV, measures 10 mrem to 1000 rem
  • Accurate within 2 mrem
  • Unaffected by extreme temperatures, moisture, and pressure when clear blister packaging is uncompromised.

Learn more about Luxel+

InLight is the ideal solution for organizations that prefer to independently maintain data and issue dose reports. Made for use with our InLight readers, these badges use our Al2 O3 :C OSL components to measure photon (X and gamma ray) and beta radiation for personnel and area monitoring. For those who prefer sending dosimeters for reading, InLight is also available as a service with optional CR-39 neutron detection. InLight as a service also allows for onsite analysis for an immediate assessment with our readers while still maintaining Landauer as the final accredited dose of record.

  • Re-readable
  • Energy range from 5 keV to 20 MeV
  • Linear from 10 µSv (1 mrem) to in excess of 10 Sv (1,000 rem)
  • Engraved 2D bar code
  • No annealing

Learn more about InLight

Additional Dosimeters

Unique situations can call for unique solutions. In addition to our OSL radiation badges, we also manufacture dosimeters for extremities, eye of lens, and emergency use.

Saturn Ring


Extremity monitoring



Lens of eye monitoring



First responders and radiological emergencies