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  • Military & First Responders

Worn on the wrist or chest, RadWatch is designed for rugged conditions and is sophisticated enough to monitor and measure even a low-level radiation dose from any radiation incidents or threats in the field. Developed in collaboration with the U.S. Army, these lightweight dosimeters use LANDAUER’S trusted Optically Stimulated Luminescence (OSL) technology and feature primary and backup detectors for responder safety. The RadLight reader is used to analyze the RadWatch. 


The RadWatch-RadLight Program, developed by Landauer, is the latest in tactical/field radiation monitoring technology - excellent for first responders.

The RadWatch dosimeter is designed to operate under field conditions and contains both primary and backup detectors and an RFID chip, which stores dose results and data from the most recent analysis. All analytical data is stored in the RadLight Reader for download to a computer via a USB connection, facilitating additional analysis and reporting. Dosimeters are inserted into the reader’s drawer assembly, which automatically positions their built-in sensors for analysis by the photo-optical engine.

The RadWatch-RadLight solution provides a legal dose of record for radiation dose reconstruction, risk mitigation and legal defense.

Network of Activities
Organization Application
U.S. Army - Tactical (NVLAP Accredited, LAB CODE 100518-0) Emergency Response - Field deployment for tactical field use
National Guard Emergency Response - Assigned to all CSTs
FEMA Emergency Response - Assigned to all 28 regional response locations
PA & IL Emergency Management Program Emergency Response - 45,000 OSL dosimeters deployed
Nuclear Power Plants OSL used in 52% of all facilities



The RadWatch-RadLight Program is powered by Landauer’s proprietary technology, optically stimulated luminescence (OSL), which offers many advantages to those using this solution in emergency response applications.

OSL Feature OSL Benefits OSL Advantage
Excellent Emergency response technology Excellent backup to electronic dosimeters
  • Immediate onsite dose assessment to validate electronic dosimeter information
  • Inexpensive solution for high volume monitroing with accredited dose of record analysis
  • Small dosimeters with portable in-field analysis
Non-destructive Readout Re-read dosimeters numerous times Enables onsite analysis with RadLight reader
  • Immediate radiation assessment without losing integrity from final accredited dose of record analysis
  • Dose data validation
Equipment Redundancy Emergency backup throughout the world
  • No downtime
  • Reliablitity
  • 3rd party independent analysis