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LANDAUER Medical Physics® imaging services help organizations effectively manage their equipment, procedures, accreditation, and regulatory compliance. The LANDAUER team of certified medical physicists offers high-quality consulting, providing access to some of the most trusted industry experts. These services help facilities ensure they’re in compliance with federal and state regulations and running a program with top-tier policies and practices.

Working closely with your organization, LANDAUER Medical Physics provides the expertise you need for optimal imaging outcomes and cost-effective solutions. As an organization with over 70 years of experience, we understand the need for safety and efficiency. Our imaging physics professionals have comprehensive radiation physics knowledge. Below are more details of the customizable imaging physics services we offer:

  • Shielding Design: Radiation shielding is vitally important to patient and employee safety. States have varying regulations. Let LANDAUER experts offer shielding design and plan review in accordance with your state and federal guidelines. From dental X-rays such as cone beams to medical fluoroscopy machines and veterinary radiographic machines, our medical physicists have created thousands of shielding designs for various types of X-ray machines.
  • Equipment and Performance Testing: There's a growing number of radiation-producing equipment models entertaining the market. Our physics professionals have extensive experience working with an abundance of equipment ranging from mammographic equipment, MRI, PET/CT units, SPECT, and more. Let our team of imaging physicists help with your accreditation and compliance needs.
  • Radiation Protection Programs: Compliance requirements vary by state. Our medical imaging physicists will help you reach compliance by implementing site-specific radiation protection programs where you need them.
  • Nuclear Medicine Physics Services: Running a compliant nuclear medicine operation can be challenging. With our highly regarded experience in the field, our experts will help you maintain regulatory compliance and optimize your operations. 
  • Equipment Performance Surveys: Radiation-emitting equipment needs to be tested and checked regularly. Staying on top of the process can be time consuming, among other challenges. LANDAUER medical physicists will help you complete these necessary performance checks. 
  • Accreditation Support: The accreditation process is complex. It’s hard to apply for accreditation initially, but facilities must also renew their certification and keep it up-to-date once getting accredited. Our medical physicists have worked with many leading healthcare organizations to successfully submit thousands of accreditation applications. 
  • Standardization Services: A necessary part of a successful radiation safety program is consistency. Work with our experts to standardize your services and best practices so your radiation protection program remains top-notch.

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Imaging Physics Educational Resources

LANDAUER® Academy Offers Online Courses

Let LANDAUER Academy support your radiation safety education needs with online courses for clinicians and non-clinicians. Dosimetry, MRI, Nuclear Medicine/PET, and General Radiation Safety.

Review Current Courses

CT Radiation Safety - This two-hour long video delves into radiation safety for computed tomography (CT) operators and physicians. This course has been approved for 2 American Society of Radiologic Technologists (ASRT) Category A credits.

Fluoroscopy Safety Training - In this 20-minute LANDAUER Academy course, learn the safest ways to operate specific fluoroscopic equipment. You can earn 0.25 American Society of Radiologic Technologists (ASRT) Category A credit for completing this training. 

Radiation Safety Training - This basic radiation safety training is designed for all personnel who work with or around radiation. Students will gain a basic understanding of radiation and how to apply radiation protection techniques in the performance of duties. This course has been approved for 0.25 American Society of Radiologic Technologists (ASRT) Category A credit.

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