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Saturn® Ring Dosimeter for Extremity Radiation Monitoring


  • Hospitals & Health Care Systems
  • Medical & Dental Offices
  • Imaging Centers
  • Industry & Energy

The Saturn Ring Dosimeter utilizes Thermoluminescent (TLD) technology, the highest efficiency dosimeter made with natural lithium fluoride. Saturn consists of a small, durable ring worn by workers in environments that utilize ionizing radiation, particularly they are required to manually manipulate or work in close proximity to radioactive materials and radiation producing equipment.

The Saturn Ring measures exposure due to x, beta, and gamma radiation. Participant and dosimeter information is maintained in myLDR, with timely reports for each wear period generated by Landauer.

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Saturn ring orange

Saturn Ring features:

  • Flexible fit for unequalled comfort and hygiene
  • Precise reading - minimum reportable dose of 10 mrem
  • 20 Barcode for easy scanning into myLDR

Ring display Information includes:

  • Wearer's name
  • Ring serial number
  • Begin wear date
  • Left or right hand
  • Exchange frequency
  • 2D barcode for scanning

Saturn ring green


Control dosimeters

Control ring dosimeters are distinguishable by the yellow label and red base.

For best results, remember to keep control ring dosimeters in an area that is representative of the wearer's work enviornmentt.

Saturn control



Advanced Design

With this design, the TLD is safely encapsulated underneath the ring cap, which is ultrasonically welded to the ring base. Under even the most rigorous working conditions, it’s difficult to remove the ring cap from the ring base, so the chain of custody between the chip and the wearer is always maintained. The cap and TLD are independent of the ring base.

The identification on the cap is laser engraved, preventing the print from smearing, peeling, or washing off. Rings can be worn in dry or wet working conditions. Smooth edges allow rings to slide and fit inside surgical gloves without risk of tearing them.


TLD Technology

During analysis in our laboratory, the TLD chip is heated causing it to emit light in proportion to the amount of radiation exposure. The luminescence is measured and a report of exposure results is generated. The glow curve of the readout permits a more conclusive evaluation of radiation exposure and can be retrieved and analyzed before the exposure report is generated if any anomaly appears. The sum of the high energy beta, gamma and x radiation is reported as a shallow dose. If the ring is exposed to low energy photon radiation or low energy beta sources, the dose reported might be overestimated due to the properties of the TLD detector. At the client request, LANDAUER could provide specific adjustment factors for a better dose estimation.


Analysis Assurance

Rings are scanned before processing using optical character recognition to accurately identify and track each dosimeter from receipt to report. The TLD is read by stimulating with a laser and counting the light emitted with a photomultiplier tube (PMT). The process is overseen by skilled technicians.

Technical Specs
Technical Specifications
Highest efficiency dosimeter with all natural lithium fluoride
Energy Range Photon (x or gamma ray) - greater than 15 keV Beta particle expressed as average energy - greater than 200 keV
Dose Measurement Range Photon (x or gamma ray) - 10 mrem to 1,000 rem (100 μSV to 10 SV) Beta particle - 10 mrem to 1,000 rem(100 μSV to 10 SV) Detection outside these ranges can be requested
Accreditation NVLAP (LAB CODE 100518-0) accredited in dosimetry categories IB, IC, IIC, IID, IIIB, IIIC, IIID, and IVBB. Tested per standard ANSI N13.32 - 2008 and IEC 62387

Saturn Ring size

Rings are available in three adjustable sizes: small/medium, large, and extra large to comfortably fit any user. Colors denote wear periods.

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