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Flexible System for All Radiation Monitoring Programs

Our InLight® line of dosimetry products offer several dosimeter configurations and four different readers to support your organization’s radiation monitoring requirements.

Benefit from the latest enhancements to InLight® readers, including faster throughput for top efficiency.  

Easy-to-Use, Reliable Dosimeters

Trusted Dosimetry Systems

Our solution is comprehensive: Dosimeters, Readers, Annealers and Software for Processing and Data Analysis

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Your Partner in Compliance Success

Benefit from LANDAUER’S extensive knowledge of highly regulated industrial environments and accreditation requirements. Our experts are at the forefront of dosimetry trends and have expertise in U.S. and global compliance. Our team can help you anticipate and interpret new regulations as well as formulate leading practices to sustain a safe workplace.

We hold numerous accreditations to provide dose-of-record analytical data and can act as an expert witness in support of dose-of-record results, should your organization be involved in radiation-related litigation. With our best-in-class data management capabilities, no one is better equipped to offer you this vital protection and support.

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