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A National Look at Use of Portable X-ray Units in Triage Tents During Covid-19 Pandemic


After getting inquiries about moving X-ray equipment to field hospitals and its associated personnel rules,  our remote Radiation Safety Support Services (RSSS) team at LANDAUER jumped on a national outreach to a few state radiation safety regulators for answers.

Here is what we found:

  • Operators of the portable unit must be registered Rad techs (as applicable by state) who are trained in the operation of the unit and Radiation Safety
  • Operators must wear dosimeters and Personal Protection Equipment
  • Operators must wear lead aprons if within 6 feet of the patient
  • If a nearby patient will be within 6 feet of the patient being imaged, he or she should be properly shielded
  • Proper cleaning of the unit must be maintained between patients; some sites are using portable drapes or c-arm drapes to help
  • Sites in other states are doing this as well and the state regulators strongly recommended that the portable be used in a discreet manner to avoid attention from the general public
  • Security security of the equipment must always be maintained  and operation by unauthorized individuals be prevented by removing the key or having personnel present
  • Operators should maintain a copy of their State X-ray Machine Registration at the mobile unit

Our RSSS team has widened it national research and continues to compile a state-by-state response log with detailed responses from state officials.

Contact us to access this information and to learn more about the LANDAUER RSSS subscription services.

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