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A National Look at Use of Portable X-ray Units in Triage Tents During Covid-19 Pandemic


After getting inquiries about moving X-ray equipment to field hospitals and its associated personnel rules,  our remote Radiation Safety Support Services (RSSS) team at LANDAUER jumped on a national outreach to several state radiation safety regulators for answers.

This practice is being permitted by regulators on a State to State basis. For the States that have permitted the use, we have found the following guidelines need to be followed:

  • Operators of the portable unit must be registered Rad techs (as applicable by state) who are trained in the operation of the unit and Radiation Safety
  • Operators must wear dosimeters and Personal Protection Equipment
  • Operators must wear lead aprons if within 6 feet of the patient
  • If a nearby patient will be within 6 feet of the patient being imaged, they should be properly shielded
  • Proper cleaning of the unit must be maintained between patients; some sites are using portable drapes or c-arm drapes to help
  • State regulators strongly recommended that the portable be used in a discreet manner to avoid attention from the general public
  • Security of the equipment must always be maintained, and operation by unauthorized individuals should be prevented by removing the key or having personnel present
  • Operators should maintain a copy of their State X-ray Machine Registration at the mobile unit

For regulatory support and additional information regarding requirements in your specific state, please visit LANDAUER RSSS subscription services to learn more about the remote services we provide.