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Fetal Monitoring for Pregnant Radiation Workers

If you are a radiation worker or individual who administers the dosimetry program for your institution such as an RSO, IRRP, or administrator, then you don't want to miss this webinar!

Christine Krieman of LANDAUER will be delving into the important topic of fetal monitoring for pregnant radiation workers. This 1 hour webinar will provide specifics related to:

  1. The Declared Pregnant Worker policy
  2. Fetal radiation exposure limits
  3. Radiation effects to the embryo/fetus
  4. Practical components of fetal dosimeter wear
  5. Guidelines to reduce fetal exposure

Upon completion, the you'll be familiar with a Declared Pregnant Worker policy, be aware of the fetal exposure limit, understand strategies to reduce fetal exposure, and have awareness of radiation exposure levels and fetal health effects.

Please note: Recorded webinars are NOT eligible for CE credits.