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Radiation Protection Plan

Customize radiation safety documentation for your practice

The Radiation Protection Plan is required in most states for any facility using X-ray equipment or radioactive materials. It documents how your practice is following policies and procedures to maintain compliance in a written format.

Finding the time and qualified personnel to complete the plan is a challenge in search of a solution. LANDAUER’s medical physicists can develop a customized and comprehensive plan for your facility - including the National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurement documents and Nuclear Regulatory Commission Reg. Guides 8.13 through 8.23.  

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Upgrade to Radiation Safety Support Services

Your annual subscription delivers timely support in dosimetry management, regulatory compliance and year-round access to the LANDAUER team via teleconference, email and phone.

Only LANDAUER connects you to a national staff of Certified Health Physicists and experts in diagnostic imaging, nuclear medicine, dosimetry and regulatory compliance.

To review a comprehensive list of badges we offer and other products and services, visit our Dosimeters & Radiation Measurement Services page to learn more.

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LANDAUER Dosimetry Service

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Case Study: How a Chiropractic Office Could Have Avoided Penalties

SITUATION: Nine months after installation, a new chiropractic office in Texas received a $2,500 fine. The Texas Radiation Control Program inspector cited the practice for absence of the required post-installation survey report.  The robust report confirms the safety of the shielding for radiation-emitting equipment.

SOLUTION: To consult with LANDAUER's radiation safety experts and invest in the Radiation Safety Support Service program. The practice could have avoided this large fee, which was almost double the cost of the service subscription. Because it's challenging to know all of the state requirements pertaining to X-ray equipment, you can always rely on LANDAUER for its radiation safety expertise.

Radiation Safety Support Services…The Integrated Solution

The plan is offered as a stand-alone service or as part of LANDAUER’s Radiation Safety Support Services. This integrated solution program provides dosimetry management and compliance guidance - when and where you need it.  

We can streamline your compliance…while improving your radiation safety and practice productivity.

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