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Expert Compliance Guidance

LANDAUER helps you navigate OSHA and state requirements

The regulatory environment can be confusing. Many practices receive violations simply because they didn’t understand the requirements or application protocol. LANDAUER can help. Here's how.


Shielding Design (Plan Reviews)

In most states, whenever radiation-emitting equipment is moved, replaced or newly installed, a shielding design is required. However, these state mandate that shielding designs show dose limit compliance, mitigate liability risks and meet Intersocietal Accreditation Commission (IAC) accreditation.

Let LANDAUER medical physicists help you at every stage: planning, preparation and regulatory filings. All calculations and recommendations are completed in accordance with the NCRP reports, applicable state regulations and ALARA guidelines.


Radiation Protection Plan

The Radiation Protection Plan is a written document required in most states. A state inspector will request it as demonstration of your safety radiation protocol. LANDAUER medical physicists can save you hours of frustration by creating this mandated plan. We offer expert guidance to meet state regulations including NCRP documents and NRC Reg. Guides 8.13 through 8.23. The plan is offered as a stand-alone service or as part of LANDAUER’s Radiation Safety Support Services. Take your radiation task burdens such as dosimetry management and compliance requirements off your hands…and place them in ours.


Dosimetry and Reporting

LANDAUER's radiation monitoring badge programs are used in 80% U.S. hospitals. The same technology, service and support are also in place at more than 20,000 private practices nationwide. The LUXEL®+ dosimeter has many advantages over film and thermo luminescent dosimeters (TLD) badges. With enhanced durability, accuracy and longer data storage, LUXEL+ is the ideal choice for private practices. And coming soon, LANDAUER is introducing Verifii - the digital dosimetry platform that’s wireless and wearable with built-in compliance.


Radiation Safety Training

LANDAUER® Academy is an online learning resource to help simplify radiation education needs. We offer high-quality courses that meet today's demand for compliance, certification and practice knowledge. Users can easily access courses through a computer, tablet or cell phone.  Many courses provide important continuing education credits while meeting both state and OSHA requirements. Learn more about LANDAUER Academy.


Equipment and Area Survey

A post-installation ‘integrity survey’ is mandated in about half of the states. It is also required for IAC accreditation. The survey provides confirmation from a medical physicist that shielding was installed according to the initial design. It also documents that radiation levels in both controlled/non-controlled areas meet dose limits. LANDAUER conducts thousands of surveys a year.

Annual Performance Surveys

LANDAUER expert medical physicists can help you demonstrate that your equipment meets annual performance and safety standards. Learn more about LANDAUER’s imaging equipment and performance testing.

Case Study: How A West Coast Practice Quickly Corrected Violations

SITUATION: The practice received seven state violations in its dosimetry management and radiation protection plan. A letter citing these violations was sent in March. By May, the facility was still struggling to meet the mandates. A call to LANDAUER for help followed.

SOLUTION: LANDAUER worked on the practice's behalf to satisfy its outstanding requirements. By enrolling in LANDAUER’s Radiation Safety Support Services, the office was fully compliant in less than two weeks.

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