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Current Residents

Shane VanDeman:
I am currently a second-year resident at LANDAUER's CTCA Chicago site. I attended the University of Kentucky for graduate school where I got my M.S. I have benefitted greatly over the last year by experiencing a plethora of clinical treatments ranging from IORT, to SBRT/SRS, and Brachytherapy as well as getting Commissioning experience. My time with LANDAUER has been a phenomenal learning experience as well as giving me a community of physicists to lean on or reach out to
Jose Sanchez-Rodriguez:
I am a second-year resident at LANDAUER CTCA Atlanta. I have a Master’s degree in Medical Physics from the Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech). The best thing about being with LANDAUER is being part of a small local community where you can create close professional relationships with your peers and mentors, but you are also part of a Nationwide group that will provide vast knowledge and different perspectives about the role of a physicist in the clinic.
Jason Ray Alfaro:
I am second year resident at LANDAUER's CTCA Atlanta site. I obtained my B.S. in Physics at Juniata College and my M.S in Medical Physics at Hofstra University. Through the first year in the residency program my clinical knowledge and experience greatly improved. Everyone here is a mentor; they love teaching and are glad to help you improve professionally. Now in my second year, with the assistance from my coworkers and colleagues, I am preparing to take the next step and become a leader in the professional world of medical physics.
Michael Cohen:
I am currently a first-year resident at LANDAUER's Levine Cancer Institute site in Charlotte. Prior to joining LANDAUER, I attended Columbia University for my M.S. Residency is about learning and exposing yourself to as many systems and modalities as possible, and the structure of LANDAUER allows for not only learning your sites tools and practices, but also allows for broadening your perspective through interaction with physicists and residents at numerous other locations.
Julien-Fabrice Momo:
I am currently a first-year medical physics resident at LANDAUER's site in Charlotte, NC. I obtained my Master of Science in Medical Physics from East Carolina University where I also did some research pertaining to OSL (Optically Stimulated Luminescence) and its applications. My time at LANDAUER has been very pleasant as I have had the opportunity to work with a fantastic group of physicists who are not only experienced but also down-to-earth. Moreover, there is no better feeling than to be given the opportunity to perform or assist in some physics duties (IMRT QA, SBRT, weeklies etc.) that consequently enhances workflow and productivity.
Naomi Morales-Medina:
I am currently a first-year Physics resident in training to become a certified clinical Medical physicist with specialization in radiation therapy. I aspire to deliver a better health care system for cancer patients. I graduated from Duke University with a M.S. in Medical Physics and the University of Puerto Rico-Rio Piedras Campus with a B.S. in Physics. I enjoy traveling to my hometown in Puerto Rico, spending time with my family and practicing sports.
Dillon Ellis:
I am currently a first-year resident at LANDAUER's CTCA Atlanta site. I attended the University of North Georgia for my B.S. in Physics, East Carolina University for my M.S. in Medical Physics, and I also currently serve as a First Lieutenant in the North Carolina Army National Guard. Over the past year I have gained hands-on experience with various forms of machine quality assurance to include LINAC and CT QA, as well as experience with patient-specific quality assurance to include IMRT, SRT and SRS QA. LANDAUER has been incredibly understanding in my time commitment to the military, and the company's vast resources and community of physicists have given me unlimited opportunities to better myself as a clinical physicist and I could not have asked for a better place to start my career.
Brandon Behnke:
I am currently a first-year resident at LANDAUER's CTCA Chicago site. I attended San Diego State University for graduate school where I got my M.S. The last few months have taught me the entire inner working of a hospital, as well as special procedures like IORT and Brachytherapy. LANDAUER has allowed me to expand upon my knowledge and has provided a community of physicists and other staff to support this growth.
Jeff Zhanjia:
I am a first-year medical physics resident at the CTCA site, Newnan GA. I have a PhD in Optical Physics and I got my Graduate Certificate in medical physics from Wayne State University School Medicine. I am interested in how to improve the QA work efficiency and also novel treatment strategies.