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Current Residents

Andrew Jaffe:
I am currently a second-year resident at LANDAUER’s Levine Cancer Institute site in Charlotte and Chief Resident of the program. After obtaining my B.A. in physics at the University of Chicago, I earned my M.S. in Medical Physics at Thomas Jefferson University. Between LANDAUER and LCI, I thoroughly enjoy being exposed to the methodologies and philosophies of a diverse array of coworkers, as the sheer number of teammates I have easy access to is genuinely extraordinary. My primary focus outside of resident duties is figuring out how to best integrate an FFF 3D printer into a Radiation Oncology department, as well as diving as deep as I can into the extraordinarily deep well of ESAPI. In the rare hours that I’m not in the clinic, you can find me cooking, watching movies, or biking Charlotte’s trails!
Brian Gardiner:
I am currently a second-year radiation oncology physics resident at LANDAUER’s Cancer Treatment Centers of America site in Zion Chicago. Prior to joining Landauer, I attended the National University of Ireland Galway for my M.S in Medical Physics. Undertaking a residency is about receiving comprehensive training in the core competencies required to deliver a high standard of radiation oncology physics at both an operational and clinical level. The LANDAUER program gives residents the platform they need to achieve this through its structure which affords opportunities to residents to gain experience with a diverse set of the most modern radiation oncology equipment and treatment modalities available. In addition, strong educational support is available to residents where they can draw on the knowledge and expertise of LANDAUER’s large group of well credentialed & vastly experienced medical physicists.
Brian Gardiner
Andrew Greene:
I am a second-year resident at LANDAUER CTCA Atlanta. I received my B.S. in physics at Morehead State University and my M.S. in Medical Physics at the University of Kentucky. I serve in the U.S. Army Reserve as a medical logistics officer and have always found LANDAUER to be more than accommodating to my military commitments. The team here is outstanding with employees from all areas of clinical expertise stepping up without hesitation to ensure the development and success of the Medical Physics residents. I have had the opportunity to get hands on experience, performing TG142 based QA, Patient Specific IMRT QA and SRS QA. I look forward to continuing to grow through the shared experiences of the many great physicist here at LANDAUER.
Feng-Ju Yeh:
I am currently a second-year resident at LANDAUER’s CTCA Atlanta site. I obtained my B.S. in Biomedical Imaging and Radiological Science from National Yang-Ming University in Taiwan and finished my master’s in medical physics at Duke University. Through the past few months in the residency program, the hands-on clinical education and the close professional relationship with mentors and peers allow me to improve greatly and to absorb different perspectives. Also, the community of physicists have provided vast sources as well as the engaging environment. I am very glad to join LANDAUER to begin the next stage of my professional career.
Peter Aydin:
I am a first-year LANDAUER Medical Physics resident at the Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) Atlanta site. I received my B.S. in Physics from Rutgers University - New Brunswick, and my M.S. in Medical Physics from Columbia University. During my graduate program, I researched automated patient specific DIR QA for adaptive radiotherapy at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. Thus far at LANDAUER and CTCA, I’ve enjoyed working with clinical professionals, mentors and co-residents who have helped me grow as a medical physicist and experience various QAs, treatment planning, and gain a better understanding of Radiation Oncology clinical workflow. Outside of the clinic, I enjoy spending time with friends, playing board games, hiking, and watching movies.
Peter Aydin
Maryam Ghonchehnazi:
I am a first year LANDAUER Medical Physics resident at the Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA), Chicago site. I earned my first M.S. in Medical Physics at Isfahan University of Medical sciences, where I conducted research on Monte Carlo simulation in determination of dosimetric parameters of Brachytherapy sources, while I was involved in commissioning of LDR Brachytherapy seeds. I earned my second M.S. in Medical Physics at Florida Atlantic University, where I conducted research on Stoichiometric method in optimization of computed tomography calibration curves for treatment planning systems, as an essential step in commissioning of the Proton Therapy System. I achieved more clinical experience as a physics assistant at the established radiation therapy centers, South Florida Proton Therapy Institute, and Knoxville Provision CARES Proton Therapy. The LANDAUER Medical Physics program emphasizes clinical excellence and professional development, offering many unique opportunities: The large group of incredible expertise in Medical Physics, a wide range of modalities and innovative instruments, and clinical opportunities. Through my residency, I have enjoyed the time working with an excellent team in a well-organized department. These opportunities allow for great growth as a professional in the medical physics field.
Maryam Ghonchehnazi
David Martin:
I am a first-year resident currently at CTCA in Newnan, GA. Newnan, GA is also my hometown, and I am glad I no longer have to be far away from my family or my community. I completed my undergraduate education at Wake Forest University where I received a BS in Physics and a BA in Philosophy. Thereafter, I studied at the University of Pennsylvania and received my MS in Medical Physics. Outside the world of physics, I lift weights, play guitar, and I’m currently trying to hike the highest points in all 50 states (wish me luck!). I look forward to working with everyone at LANDAUER, and I’m excited to see what the coming years will bring.
David Martin
Chibueze Uche:
I am a first-year Medical Physics resident at the Levine Cancer Institute in Charlotte, NC. Before this time, I obtained a Ph.D. in Physics from New Zealand and a Graduate Certificate in Medical Physics from the University of Pennsylvania. Medical Physics is a highly specialized vocation that requires critical thinking to deliver safe and accurate radiation treatments and solving clinical problems. The LANDAUER program provides residents with the opportunity to explore complex treatment techniques and experience extensive clinical research. Residents often gain top medical physics positions after their program due to their vast clinical knowledge and competence.
Chibueze Uche