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LANDAUER’s library of materials includes a growing number of publications and videos designed to keep you and your team informed. Watch the videos to learn more about clinical dose optimization and more.

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Connect with a variety of governmental and professional organizations that are dedicated to radiation safety and advancement. LANDAUER scientists are connected to many of these industry groups as board or committee members.

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How to perform small field dosimetry from people who do it for a living

Two Takeaways You Missed from our Small Field Dosimetry Webinar – Watch it Now! Presented by Matt Daniels, PhD, DABR and Robert Staton, PhD, DABR At the LANDAUER Talks Webinar, How to Perform Small Field Dosimetry from People Who Do It for a Living (Come hear our secrets), hundreds of attendees learned about the need to: Validate, Validate, Validate
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Keep Your Radiation Dose Under Control Using Visual Feedback

Adhering to the ALARA principle is a legal requirement in many jurisdictions, and for good reasons as ionizing radiation can cause severe health effects. There are several things one can do to take control of personal radiation dose, from passive shielding devices to X-ray machine settings.
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