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Regulatory Compliance & Radiation Safety Programs

Meet Current Therapy Oncology Radiation Safety Regulations with LANDAUER Regulatory Compliance and Radiation Safety Programs

Knowing that your facility is vigilant about federal and state regulatory requirements that apply to radiation safety is a critical component of quality patient care. Apply best practices to your oncology therapy program by partnering with qualified medical physicists, many of whom are former inspectors or regulators.

Rely on the guidance of LANDAUER consultants, who are familiar with The American Association of Physicists in Medicine, Nuclear Regulatory Commission, American College of Radiology, The Joint Commission and state regulatory requirements, to ensure your facility is always in compliance.

Whether your facility is within a multi-state hospital system or a rural affiliate, let our experts share their knowledge from working with facilities like yours nationwide.

Prepare for emerging regulatory trends that could affect your operations with insights from the national provider of radiation oncology services.  

Operate your program with confidence, knowing that your regulatory needs, emergencies, and questions will be handled by a responsive team of credentialed medical physicists.

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