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Radiation Therapy Shielding Design

Get Precision Radiation Therapy Shielding Design from LANDAUER

Radiation therapy shielding design is subject to exacting regulatory and safety requirements.

LANDAUER medical physicists are very knowledgeable in all aspects of radiation therapy shielding design—precision measurements, radiation safety best practices and regulatory requirements at state and federal levels.  

Efficient processes are the hallmark of LANDAUER services. When you turn to us for shielding design, you’ll have a credentialed medical physicist experienced in working side-by-side with in-house physicists and architects at numerous facilities nationwide.

What You Need to Know about LANDAUER Shielding Design Services:

  • Your project will be handled by a Board Certified Physicist. LANDAUER medical physicists bring extensive experience in radiation therapy shielding
  • You will know in detail the placement, type and amount of shielding required. Many of the shielding designs are based on grayCAD™ software, the most advanced medical radiation shielding analysis software available, and have been used by LANDAUER medical physicists for years
  • Your equipment’s vault shielding will be precisely calculated. Because every detail is properly calculated before new construction begins, you will avoid costly mid- or post-construction changes
  • You will have all the information you need to validate shielding calculations. User-friendly reports provide all the information you need to validate shielding calculations in a simple format. Our medical physicists are licensed to perform shielding designs throughout most states in the United States

LANDAUER stands behind each shielding design  

If your state requires a shielding design whenever radiation-emitting equipment is moved or newly installed, we can help with planning and preparation.

Get even more support with our Equipment Commissioning services, Accreditation Consulting, and Regulatory Compliance and Radiation Safety Programs. 

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