You told us you wanted a radiation management portal that was easy to use, saves you time and makes it easy to perform your account management tasks.  We listened and then got to work modernizing the myLDR platform. The new portal has been updated to be faster, easier to navigate and to streamline your most common tasks.

Example of the myLDR screens

Portal Upgrades Include

  • View all your participants and their dose records in one place
  • Quickly access and review dosimetry reports
  • View graphs of employee dose histories to spot trends and drive corrective action
  • Use the new dosimeter set-up wizard to quickly add/delete participants
  • Find what you need easily with an upgraded and intuitive navigational structure

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Not ready to login yet? Read below to explore the portal FAQs.

How do I get to the new site?

You can go directly to your new myLDR at:

There is also a link to the new myLDR in your report notification email.  And a link in the top menu of the old myLDR portal.

Are there two different web addresses for myLDR?

Yes.  The new myLDR has a different website address than the old myLDR. We did this so you would still have access to the old site in case you need to go back to the old myLDR.  Please remember to book mark the new address:

Are my login and password the same for both sites?

Yes.  Your login and password are the same on both sites.  However, you will need to manually enter your credentials when you first visit your new myLDR.  To do this, you will need to know your user name and your password.

Why do I need to move between the old portal and the new myLDR?

Not all the tasks you need to complete may be available on the new myLDR. We built the most common tasks first, but there is still work being done. Reasons you may need to go back to the old myLDR site include:

  • Online Payments
  • Shipment Tracking
  • Accessing dose history for individual dosimeters worn by participants. Note: this is for individuals only, the myLDR does have your dose history aggregated at the participant level
  • Radfacts
  • To view beta and neutron components of aggregate dose
  • To view your enterprise dose dashboard
What if I don't know my user name and password?

The new myLDR site has a password reset function.  If you don't wish to reset your password, email our technical support team and they will be happy to help you.  If you don't know your user name, please email or call our customer service team.

How do I email technical support?

You received an email welcoming you to the new myLDR.  It contained the email address for the technical support team assigned to help you migrate to the new myLDR.  If you don't have an email or can't find it, please email or call our customer service team. 

What will happen to my account on

Your account on the old will still be active into the coming year. We want to make sure your new myLDR does everything you need before we bid farewell to the old myLDR and switch off the site.  We will email you to give you advance notice of when we plan to decommission the old site.


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