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LANDAUER OPTIMIZE Dose tracking software

LANDAUER OPTIMIZE services ensure you get more from your radiation dose data by delivering personalized data assessments and recommendations. We help by:

  • Reducing risk
  • Achieving and maintaining compliance
  • Saving you time
  • Adding an expert, and a partner, to your team

Our radiation dose management software will:

  • Collect the data from your imaging equipment
  • Use a neural network for automatic protocol mapping
  • Use artificial intelligence to detect outliers
  • Compare your scans to national benchmarks

With LANDAUER OPTIMIZE, healthcare providers focus on caring for patients rather than crunching numbers so that you can serve more patients and get actionable insights to standardize care and stay compliant.

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OPTIMIZE is currently only available
in the U.S.


Key Features

On-demand physics expertise via a simple subscription


Alert review & analysis

Let us take on the burden of managing alerts so issues are identified and corrected immediately


Best practice guidance

Recommendations for balancing dose and image qualit, policy and procedure development and standardizing care enterprise-wide


Benchmarking & protocols

Hands-on protocol management, size-specific and pediatric protocols, CT and flouro benchmarking and recommendations for dose index ranges


Automated data collection

Daily insights from data captured using our cloud-based software


Patient Dose Review Committee Meetings 4 Unlimited
Data import from dose tracking software
Automated CT Protocol mapping
Comparison to fluoroscopy dose benchmarks
CT protocol review by a Qualified Medical Physicist
Automated CT dose collection  
Automated fluoroscopy data collection  
Automated fluoroscopy procedure mapping  
Comparison to fluoroscopy dose benchmarks  
Real-time monitoring  
Review and analysis of dose incidents