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Move beyond dose tracking to dose optimization.

Patient radiation dose software is evolving. When analyzed by medical physicists, patient dose data becomes a powerful tool to help you deliver better patient care.

LANDAUER OPTIMIZE is the only single-source patient dose management solution that combines simple dose tracking software with unlimited physics support in a subscription service.

Key Features

Continuously improve your patient dose radiation program by partnering with our physicists who are experts at optimizing for dose and image quality.

Focus on patient care while our team provides and manages your dose tracking software including a daily review of your CT and Fluoro alerts.

Easily maintain TJC compliance with our board-certified physicists assisting you with protocols, benchmarks, and dose index ranges.

Get patient dose monitoring software management and unlimited patient dose optimization physics consulting from a single provider as a subscription service.

Physics Included

Every software subscription comes with medical physics support. Your OPTIMIZE physicist analyzes patient dose data and posts recommendations to your dashboard. TJC and Leapfrog are included and should you want to consult on a case, simply click and schedule a meeting at your convenience.

Meet our physicists

The ACR, HPS, and AAPM issued a statement against basing the decision to perform a medical imaging exam on prior dose.  Yet the practice is so common it is in most dose monitoring software. Listen to Olav Christianson, MS DABR and Senior Medical Physicist for LANDAUER OPTIMIZE review how cumulative dose decisions play out in a clinical setting.

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Focus on your patients

We started as dose optimization consultants using other companies' dose tracking software. The software was hard to set up and hard to use. So we made our own dose tracking software that helps us focus on the physics and lets you focus on your patients.

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Upgrading is easy.

"In my opinion, LANDAUER has the best process so far. The organization, leadership and responsiveness of the LANDAUER team during the implementation process is what separates them from the other vendors."

- Customer feedback from a 12 site implementation

Ready to learn more?

Meet with one of our product specialists to explore how LANDAUER OPTIMIZE may help improve your radiology workflows.


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