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New Education Standards from The Joint Commission

Effective January 1, 2019, new standards around ongoing education will be put in place by The Joint Commission.  LANDAUER Academy can help your staff meet new standards with easy access to online courses on mobile, tablet and desktop devices.

Keep your staff compliant

Learn more about the new standards from The Joint Commission and how the LANDAUER team can help keep you compliant below.

HR.01.05.03 15

Radiation Safety Education

The hospital verifies and documents that individuals (including physicians, non-physicians and ancillary personnel) who perform Computed Tomography (CT) or Fluoroscopy participate in ongoing education that includes annual training on radiation dose optimization techniques and safe procedures for the operation of fluoroscopic equipment.

ongoing education MUST include annual training on the following:

  • Radiation dose optimization techniques and tools for pediatric and adult patients addressed in the Image Gently® and Image Wisely® campaigns
  • Safe procedures for operation of the types of equipment that they use

Standardize your Radiation Safety Education Program

  • Load LANDAUER Academy courses locally into your Learning Management System or take them online

  • Use the management interface to track your education

  • Courses are ASRT approved so your staff can claim education credit

  • Courses are created by interdisciplinary teams of subject matter experts

Be Ready for Change

With online courses from LANDAUER Academy, be confident that your staff meet new education standards and are not at risk.

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