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Align Your Protocols for Quality and Safety

High-quality diagnostic images at the optimal radiation dose are important for good patient care. Our Clinical Dose Optimization Service™ (CDOS) enables you to adjust CT and fluoroscopy doses for accurate diagnoses without compromising patient safety.

Developed by LANDAUER medical physicists, the service is designed to meet The Joint Commission Diagnostic Imaging Standards, the American Association of Physicists in Medicine recommendations and state regulations.

Apply Best Practice Protocols to Optimize Dose

Join those at hundreds of U.S. hospitals who now rely on LANDAUER for radiation dose guidance. Our physicists have experience on all equipment types, models and dose tracking systems. As part of your CDOS subscription, a Qualified Medical Physicist will actively participate in your quarterly Patient Dose Review Committee meetings.

Identify More Ways to Improve

Continuously improve your radiation dose management with CDOS tools, including the CT Scanner and Multi-scanner Comparison reports, which are supplemented with expert guidance for data interpretation and action.

graphic showing complete clinical dose optimization service process which identifies protocols and applies best practices

Get Acquainted with the CDOS Process

Identify protocols to adjust clinical dose through a trusted workflow model now in place at hundreds of hospitals across the United States.  Learn how to apply best practices with LANDAUER physicists who have experience on all CT equipment types, models and dose tracking systems.

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Our Process is Simple and Effective

  • We Extract Data and Generate Insightful Reports
  • We Provide Options to Improve Patient Care
  • We Help You Monitor Progress

Our Physicists Work With All Dose Tracking Systems

From multiple software pages to a completely manual system, we have your clinical dose program covered with our CDOS™. See how we assisted LifePoint's 76 Hospitals Standardized 3 CT Protocols in 3 Months in this LANDAUER Talks video from the 2017 Clinical Dose Symposium.

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