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JC announces surveys and reviews resume in June.

The Joint Commission announced that regular surveys and reviews resumed in June. There will be some changes in the process that includes some early assessments of the impact of the pandemic, and the prioritization of low-risk areas they can safely survey.

The survey process will be changed to ensure social distancing for the safety of everyone. Additionally, the JC will not retroactively review compliance. Rather, the focus will be how organizations have adapted to the pandemic, and the review of practices to ensure safe care and a safe work environment.

The new survey process will include:

  • Limiting the numbers of individuals in group sessions. Using conference calls when needed by an organization to safely expand the number of attendees.
  • Minimizing the number of people who accompany the surveyor on tracer activities.
  • The use of masks will be a routine practice, and organizations are expected to provide masks and/or other personal protective equipment (PPE) to surveyors and reviewers while on-site.
  • Technology will be used to eliminate the need for a number of people to sit directly next to an individual for an extended time.
  • Driving in separate cars to off-site locations or home visits.

Learn more on the Joint Commission website about this announcement.

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