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Are you ready for The Joint Commission standards that go into effect on January 1st, 2019?

Marcella Lobo

Are you ready for The Joint Commission standards that go into effect on January 1st, 2019? The changes

  • Equipment checks to ensure fluoroscopy and CT units are working properly
  • Physician and staff education on radiation dose management and equipment operation
  • Designation of a radiation safety officer to provide oversite of fluoroscopic services
  • Capturing radiation dose information and establishing radiation dose thresholds that warrant investigation and patient follow-up where the radiation dose thresholds were exceeded

These revisions will impact hospitals, clinics and physicists in a myriad of ways. If you don’t already have
programs, processes and tools in place to address these changes, don’t wait. The New Year will be here
sooner than you think. LANDAUER and RaySafe offer solutions that will help you navigate the new
standards for physics testing, education, radiation safety, and patient dose review.

According to the new standards, diagnostic physicists will need to conduct a performance evaluation of
Fluoroscopy and CT imaging equipment at least annually. LANDAUER has a full staff of Board Certified
Medical Physicists that use RaySafe X2 measurement systems on imaging equipment. Or, you can
purchase the RaySafe X2 system yourself and use the R/F and CT sensors for your X-ray equipment QA.
RaySafe also features Fluoro and CT phantoms.

When it comes to radiation education, LANDAUER Academy provides annual education intended to
meet The Joint Commission Standards. Among our library of Radiation Safety Education are specialized
courses for individuals who operate CT and Fluoroscopy. Our education courses can be loaded into your
own Learning Management System, or you can use our administration portal to assign courses to staff
and track their progress.

LANDAUER’s Radiation Safety Support Service is designed for hospitals that need expert assistance with
radiation safety compliance. LANDAUER has a national team of Radiation Safety Officers (RSO’s) who
are ready to support your in-house Radiation Safety Officer, provide guidance on naming an RSO or
support your radiation safety program with dosimetry management and regulatory compliance. We can
provide whatever level of support you need.

Clinical Dose Optimization Services from LANDAUER consists of a team of Board Certified Medical
Physicists that specialize in CT and fluoroscopy patient dose. Our team reviews over 20,000 CT
protocols every year to ensure diagnostic quality at the lowest dose possible. We set practical patient
dose thresholds to identify high dose incidents and provide expert help and guidance when these
thresholds are exceeded. Our goal is to make safety, quality, and compliance easy.