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LANDAUER Monthly eUpdates - January 2018

Welcome to our January 2018 issue of eUpdates. This monthly publication is designed to provide you with information about LANDAUER's products and services. Stay connected with eUpdates. Feedback welcome at [email protected]


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Fluke Biomedical/RaySafe, a leader in the manufacture of X-ray quality assurance products and biomedical test and simulation products, in October acquired LANDAUER, a leading supplier of radiation dosimetry and medical physics.

LANDAUER’s new dosimeter developed to monitor lens of eye radiation dose is anticipated to help avoid potential cataract formation in those with prolonged exposure to ionizing radiation. Health care professionals along with those in the nuclear and other industries who work in ionization radiation environment fields can benefit from ergonomic, lightweight dosimeter.

“Because the dosimeter is small, it doesn’t affect the user’s activity or field of view. It’s flexible and can be placed close to the eye, providing a more accurate measurement of the lens of eye dose,” said Marc Million, Ph.D., Scientific Director of LANDAUER Europe.

Professionals and researchers have suspected that prolonged exposure of lens of eye to the ionizing radiation field may cause development of cataracts. In the United States, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission has proposed modifying 10CFR20 to limit the maximum lens of eye dose to 5000 mrem (50mSv). This follows the 2013 International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP) recommendation to lower allowable annual dose for the lens of eye to 2000 mrem (20mSv). This limit is being implemented in the EU by February 2018, however the UK elected to implement on January 1, 2018.

Who should use LANDAUER VISION dosimeter

Professionals working for long hours in an ionization radiation emitting environment including those in:

  • Interventional radiology, cardiology (fluoroscopy)
  • X-ray Departments where equipment is used for diagnostic procedures
  • Nuclear medicine environments
  • Nuclear industry and power plants who perform planned or emergency maintenance
  • Non-uniform radiation fields or in fields with high dose gradients where the whole-body dosimeter would not provide a good estimate of the lens of eye dose

Learn more about LANDAUER VISION

An ergonomic Lens-of-eye Dosimeter

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Join a LANDAUER Webinar to Hear the A-B-C’s of Radiation Safety

Hear experts from LANDAUER provide a step-by-step overview how the RaySafe i3 Real-time dose measurement system works to measure and record radiation dose exposure in high-exposure environments, including:

  • Procedures conducted in interventional cardiology
  • Radiology suites

The RaySafe i3 system provides immediate insight into how to modify behavior to reduce dose; it does not provide legal dose of record data, therefore personal dosimeters are required for full data capture.

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RSOs: Let LANDAUER Help Manage Your Radiation Safety Program

In 2018, consider partnering with LANDAUER to ease the burden of daily radiation safety management tasks. LANDAUER RSOs can help maintain a compliant radiation safety program to meet today’s changing state, environmental, and Nuclear Regulatory Commission requirements.

Among the services:

  • Dosimetry Management and Regulatory Compliance, which includes review of dosimetry reports, creating quarterly and yearly reports, maintaining X-ray Registrations, and reviewing the Radiation Safety Program
  • Radioactive Materials Licenses maintenance and acquiring Radioactive Materials License Amendments, which is often difficult to get right and can lead to delays in patient care

“This year let our team of experts who have written hundreds of license amendments correctly the first time ensure that your patients can get the treatment they need,” said Shawn Pickett, CNMT, NMTCB(RS), RT(CT), CLSO-M, BSRS, MBA, Manager of LANDAUER’s Radiation Safety Support Services.

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LANDAUER is Committed to Corporate Social Responsibility

LANDAUER is expanding our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility. Effective April 1, 2018, LANDAUER will deliver all dosimetry reports electronically via the secure myLDR account management portal.

Due to frequent occurrences of data breaches affecting organizations and individuals globally, LANDAUER is discontinuing the practice of delivering dosimetry reports via U.S. Mail, Royal Mail and all Courier services such as FedEx, UPS, etc. Transitioning to electronic report delivery via myLDR will enable LANDAUER to further minimize any exposure of confidential and sensitive data that could result in legal and financial risks for our clients and their participants.

Furthermore, we are committed to being an environmentally-friendly company. Going paperless will result in saving nearly two acres of trees each year. Our “go green” efforts, coupled with our ever-increasing focus on privacy and data security, demonstrates how serious LANDAUER is about addressing social and environmental issues that impact our clients and the communities where we live and work.

Your privacy and security matters

Read about our committment to Corporate Social Responsibility

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Don’t Miss LANDAUER at the Health Physics Society Midyear Meeting

Join Fluke Biomedical and LANDAUER at the upcoming Health Physics Society (HPS) Midyear Meeting, February 4-7, at the Denver Marriott City Center. Stop by booths #115 & 117 to learn about the ABCs for a Radiation Safety Culture – Avoidance, Behavior and Control. And, while visiting our booth, request a free demo of the RaySafe i3 System. This system is the latest generation of real-time dosimetry.

Be the first to hear presentations from our experts in the field of dosimetry management on Wednesday, Feb. 7.

  • WAM-C.1 - 11:00 a.m.
    Occupational Dose Trends in Dental Industry, presented by Chris Passmore, CHP
  • WAM-C.4 - 11:45 a.m.
    Dosimetric Characteristics of a Novel Lens of the Eye Dosimeter, presented by Mirela Kirr

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