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LANDAUER Monthly eUpdates - Inaugural Issue

Welcome to our inaugural issue of eUpdates. This monthly publication is designed to provide you with information about LANDAUER's products and services. Stay connected with eUpdates. Feedback welcome at [email protected]

LANDAUER Acquired by Fluke

Fluke Biomedical/RaySafe, a leader in the manufacture of X-ray quality assurance products and biomedical test and simulation products, in October acquired LANDAUER, a leading supplier of radiation dosimetry and medical physics.

“By blending our products and services we’ll be able to deliver critical patient and staff safety solutions to health care providers around the world. LANDAUER’s core strength in dosimetry services and medical physics is complementary to Fluke Biomedical and RaySafe’s efforts to help customers navigate complex regulatory environments around radiation exposure,” said Kris Gorriaran, vice president and general manager of Fluke Healthcare Business.

By combining forces with Fluke Biomedical/RaySafe, LANDAUER can expand its offering of radiation services (see article below on i3 Real-time Dose Measurement System powered by RaySafe).

LANDAUER clients can rely on a continued high level of customer service and expanded radiation safety offerings and education opportunities for dosimetry and medical physics services.

LANDAUER Introduces Real-Time Dosimetry Service Platform at RSNA

LANDAUER is now offering the Real-time Dose measurement system powered by RaySafe’s i3 technology to build a better Radiation Safety Culture™. LANDAUER joined with RaySafe and Fluke Biomedical staff at the recent Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) in Chicago to demonstrate the enhanced i3 technology.

The i3 system helps radiation safety to rise to new levels of safety by proactively avoiding unnecessary exposure to radiation. By watching the RaySafe i3 instant feedback monitor during a procedure, clinicians can reduce real-time exposure through position change and applying shielding strategies. This in-the-moment view eliminates guessing about radiation exposure, especially in high-dose environments including interventional radiology suites.

The RaySafe i3 dosimetry package is the ideal tool for quickly identifying behavior modifications that can lead to lower dose exposure levels in Radiology and Nuclear Medicine environments. The new RaySafe i3 technology combines superior radiological performance with an ergonomic, easy to use real-time dosimeter, a real-time display and power supply. In addition, the real-time dosimeters feature software to manage dose exposure data on individuals and for internal group or departmental enterprise comparisons.

By wearing the i3 and LANDAUER’s Luxel+ passive dosimeter, users will get the full range of radiation dose exposure information -- about when, where and how much radiation was received. The i3 provides instant dose exposure and visual cues while Luxel+ dosimeters capture the legal dose of record for radiation exposure as a complete way to track cumulative dose exposure.

Learn the ABCs for a Radiation Safety Culture™

Find out how real-time dosimetry can help you avoid unnecessary radiation exposure.

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How to Make Smart Radiation Shielding Decisions

When health care practices require radiation shielding for new or relocated imaging equipment office managers seek four things: staff safety; regulatory compliance; fast report delivery and value pricing.

The LANDAUER team delivers on all accounts – providing more than 2,500 shielding reports annually for medical, dental, chiropractic and veterinary offices across the country. From 2D general X-ray units to cone beam computed tomography (CBCT/3D) units, state-specific compliance needs are identified and addressed by concise reports delivered quickly to keep pace with busy practices and tight deadlines.

“Our reports distinctly answer the needs of medical practitioners, architects, contractors, installers and regulatory agencies,” noted William DeForest, M.S.P.H., C.H.P., D.A.B.R., vice president of LANDAUER Imaging Physics.

“Our expert shielding recommendations provide peace of mind and help ensure regulatory dose limits are met. When done correctly, providing excellent radiation safety to employees, patients and the general public need not be overly costly, difficult or time consuming,” said DeForest, a certified health physicist and diplomate of the American Board of Radiology.

Medical professionals rely on LANDAUER to insure that their installation is cost effective and appropriate. Over or under-shielding are not smart business decisions in terms of cost or potential liability later. “In some cases the LANDAUER team can offer installation suggestions to limit required shielding by placing the X-ray unit in a different part of the room and this can save thousands of dollars,” said Ramon Davila, LANDAUER’s program director of diagnostic X-ray shielding design.

Accurate reports are essential and must be customized to practice patterns, workload, studies performed, facility design, including mobile units. The LANDAUER reports clearly identify where additional protection is needed and not needed. Sometimes the walls themselves provide the required shielding. All X-ray units, even low-dose and low workload equipment, still require a shielding evaluation and other design elements such as placement of the exposure switch and patient viewing system, said DeForest.

Looking for more information about Radiation Shielding Design?

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Visit LANDAUER at Health Physics Society Midyear Meeting

LANDAUER physicists will be presenting on two topics at the HPS Midyear Meeting, Feb. 4-7, in Denver.

  • Occupational Dose Trends in Dental Industry, presented by Chris Passmore, M.S., C.H.P.
  • Dosimetric Characteristics of a Novel Lens of the Eye Dosimeter, presented by Mirela Kirr, M.S.

In addition, the LANDAUER team can meet you at our exhibit booth during the meeting. Note that a new journal article is now available, Improvements in Radiation Monitoring Trending, in this month’s Health Physics Journal, Vol. 113, No. 6:531-534.

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