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Navigating Radiation Safety in Manufacturing: A Talk with Curium Pharmaceutical's RSO

Bring your questions! Shawn Pickett, the Practice Director for Landauer Radiation Safety Support Services, will be sitting down with Matthew Trusner of Curium Labs. As the RSO and Health Physics Manager at Curium, Matthew brings a unique perspective to the job of Radiation Safety Officer. He and Shawn will discuss a variety of topics related to navigating radiation safety in a manufacturing environment.

Some of the conversation will cover the specific radiation safety challenges and responsibilities that come with working in a cyclotron pharmaceutical manufacturing environment, as opposed to traditional hospital settings, the complex regulatory landscape and fostering a strong safety culture within a pharmaceutical manufacturing context, and paths for professional development and continuous learning in the rapidly evolving field of radiation safety in pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Questions will be taken from the audience in this live session, so come prepared to explore the topic with Shawn and Matthew.

This webinar has been approved for 1.0 ASRT Category A credit.

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