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graphic of health care worker avoiding unnecessary radiation informed by landauer real time dosimetry service


Avoidance Protective clothing and devices, such as lead aprons, thyroid collars, glasses, ceiling suspended screens and table-mounted lead curtains, are the first line of defense against radiation exposure. Personal dosimeters are used to monitor and help regulate exposure.

graphic of hospital personnel altering behavior with i3 to increase distance and decrease exposure time to radiation exposure


Your behavior will affect your radiation exposure. When feasible, increase the distance and decrease the exposure time. Furthermore, scatter radiation is typically lower on the detector side.

Finally, ensure that the proper equipment and appropriate techniques are used, including collimating the X-ray beam.

graphic of participant controlling dose with raysafe i3 active dosimeter providing real time radiation exposure information


Ultimately, controlling your dose is easiest when it is known. Only an active dosimeter, such as RaySafe i3, provides constant, real-time radiation exposure information. With the information it provides, healthcare workers can take action to reduce their dose.

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