Luxel+ dosimeters are found in over 80% of the hospitals across the U.S., where Radiation Safety Officers have come to rely on its stability, sensitivity and precision. Able to measure radiation exposure due to X-ray, gamma, and beta radiation down to 1 mrem with optically stimulated luminescence (OSL) technology, LANDAUER’s state-of-the-art dosimeters set the standard when it comes to radiation monitoring.

What makes our dosimeters superior?

  • In stock and ready to ship: You can count on LANDAUER to have dosimeters available, and we can get your account up and running quickly
  • Rugged and durable: Our dosimeters can be put through the laundry, dropped, and even handle hot and cold conditions without breaking down
  • Complete reanalysis: If questions arise about dose, they can be reanalyzed multiple times.
  • Sensitive and precise: We can measure exposure down to 1 mrem, with a precision of +/- 2 mrem
  • Lightweight and customizable: They are small and easy to wear, and you can select your own color coding, graphics, backgrounds, and icons to help streamline monitoring and identification
  • Simple to wear: No Bluetooth, USB, or docking station needed. Simply attach and go!
  • Easy-to-use online portal: myLDR provides admins with easy personnel management, as well as reporting and analytics
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