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Real-time Staff Monitoring with the RaySafe i3

The RaySafe i3 provides immediate insights about radiation exposure, helping medical staff and physicians quickly evaluate and take action to more effectively use radiation reduction measures.

Since interventional staff have higher radiation exposure than most medical professions due to scattered radiation, real-time dosimetry using the RaySafe i3 is a top choice for easily observing, minimizing, and managing radiation exposure so they can focus on protecting lives.

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i3 with stand-alone display

RaySafe i3 with Stand-alone Display

Real-time dose rate indication, shown on dedicated display unit.


  • RaySafe Real-time Dosimeter
  • RaySafe Real-time Display
  • RaySafe Dose Viewer
  • RaySafe Dose Manager


i3 with on-screen display

RaySafe i3 with On-screen Display

Real-time dose rate indication, shown on the X-ray system´s main monitor.
Note: Available from selected X-ray machine vendors, please contact RaySafe for details.


  • RaySafe Real-time Dosimeter
  • RaySafe Real-time Hub
  • RaySafe Video Unit
  • RaySafe Dose Viewer
  • RaySafe Dose Manager

i3 Dosimeter

Real-time Dosimeter

The RaySafe Real-time Dosimeter measures and records radiation every second. Data is transferred wirelessly to the RaySafe Real-time Hub. The dosimeter requires minimal maintenance and can be personalized by removing its window and changing color insets.

i3 Dosimeter real-time display

Real-time View

RaySafe Real-time View visualizes radiation exposure in real time using easy-to-read, color-coded bar graphs displayed on either the dedicated RaySafe Real-time Display or your main X-ray monitor. Instant feedback empowers medical staff to learn and adapt their behavior to minimize unnecessary exposure.

Doseviewer display


RaySafe Dose Viewer is used for personal dose information viewing and administration of dosimeters.

For advanced analysis, reporting and archiving of dose information, use RaySafe Dose Manager. It manages multiple dosimeters and can retrieve dose information from multiple RaySafe i3 systems throughout the hospital network or via USB storage

ALARA: As Low As Reasonably Achievable

Understanding its Importance to Employee Health and Department Operations

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"The improvement in radiation protection has been more than dramatic at the URMC. There is no substitute for a constant and real-time reminder of the dose being received."

Labib H. Syed, M.D., M.P.H. | University of Rochester Medical Center

LANDAUER Now Offering Real-time Dosimetry Powered by RaySafe i3

In this video, John Williams, RaySafe Business Manager, gives an overview of the latest generation of the real-time dosimetry family. The system includes RaySafe’s brand new i3 Real-time Dosimeter.

"We feel better about our work and our safety. Now that we see what RaySafe real-time dosimetry does for us, we wouldn’t want to work at a place that doesn’t have it."

Dawn Dowling, Technologist | Lawrence General Hospital


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