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LANDAUER i3 Real-time Dosimetry System

RaySafe™ i3 visualizes X-ray exposure in real-time using easy-to-read bar graphs. Instant feedback empowers medical staff to learn and adapt their behavior to minimize unnecessary radiation exposure.

The RaySafe i3 real-time radiation monitoring system includes a set of new RaySafe personal radiation dosimeters coupled with a display and software to provide a complete, immediate visual of radiation exposure. 

Measurements are simultaneously stored for post-procedure analysis, facilitating continued learning and enabling comparisons over time, between labs and between users.

RaySafe i3 offers the following important benefits:

  • Replaceable battery prolonged life cycle 
    The new Real-time Dosimeter has a replaceable battery, which means that longevity depends solely on wear and tear.
  • Better immunity to interference
    RaySafe i2 dosimeters are sensitive to certain cell phone signals. The new Real-time Dosimeter is greatly improved in this regard no interference has been observed during heavy testing.
  • Automatic sleep mode
    Only active dosimeters will populate the screen, regardless of where the inactive units are stored.
  • Enhanced measurement performance
    Wider angular response means that radiation coming from below and from the sides is measured in a predictable fashion. Lowered dose rate threshold results in improved response when used with the latest low dose X-ray machines.
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The RaySafe i3 system is the latest generation of the Real-time dosimetry family.

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Keep Your Radiation Dose Under Control Using Visual Feedback

Adhering to the ALARA principle is a legal requirement in many jurisdictions, and for good reasons as ionizing radiation can cause severe health effects. There are several things one can do to take control of personal radiation dose, from passive shielding devices to X-ray machine settings. Nowadays an additional level of protection exists – with real-time information about radiation exposure one can take additional steps to ensure optimal protection and the lowest possible exposure.

Watch RaySafe Product Manager, Fredrik Celen, discuss this important topic.

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"The improvement in radiation protection has been more than dramatic at the URMC. There is no substitute for a constant and real-time reminder of the dose being received."

Labib H. Syed, M.D., M.P.H. | University of Rochester Medical Center

LANDAUER Now Offering Real-time Dosimetry Powered by RaySafe i3

In this video, John Williams, RaySafe Business Manager, gives an overview of the latest generation of the real-time dosimetry family. The system includes RaySafe’s brand new i3 Real-time Dosimeter.

ALARA: As Low As Reasonably Achievable

Understanding its Importance to Employee Health and Department Operations

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Real-time Dosimeter

The Real-time Dosimeter measures and records radiation every second. Data is transferred wirelessly to the Real-time Display. A hidden USB connector connects the Real-time Dosimeter to the Dose Viewer software, which can be used to change settings and to view and export dose data. It is easy to wear, requires minimal maintenance and is made to be personalized.

Real-time Display

The Real-time Display shows dose data for connected dosimeters in real-time. Green, yellow and red bars indicate the dose rate for each individual user; accumulated dose is displayed next to the bars. By tapping your name, more detailed information about your personal dose history can be accessed.


Dose Viewer is used for administrating dosimeters and viewing personal dose information. For advanced analysis, reporting and archiving of dose information, use Dose Manager. It manages multiple dosimeters and can retrieve dose information from multiple Real-time Displays throughout the hospital network or via USB storage.

"We feel better about our work and our safety. Now that we see what RaySafe real-time dosimetry does for us, we wouldn’t want to work at a place that doesn’t have it."

Dawn Dowling, Technologist | Lawrence General Hospital

Frequently Asked Questions
How many dosimeters can be shown at the same time on a Real-time Display?

Real-time measurements from up to eight dosimeters are shown simultaneously on the screen. The default order is first come, first serve. If there are more than eight dosimeters in the room, all of them will still measure and accumulate dose, but only the first eight are visible on the display.

Can I install the Real-time Display in another location? What is the communication range of the display?

The real-time display can be installed anywhere, it only needs a power outlet (network connection is optional). The dosimeters communicate with the display via radio. The radio communication range depends on the local environment and the Real-time Display settings but is normally about 5–15 meters. (See service manual)

Does the dosimeter accumulate dose even when there is no Real-time Display nearby?

The dosimeter always measures and stores dose data on its internal memory, regardless of whether there is a display in range or not. You can view the dose history at any time by connecting the dosimeter to a computer running Dose Viewer software.

To see the dose rate live, the dosimeter needs to be visible on a Real-time Display. The dosimeter shows up on any Real-time Display within communication range, it is not paired with a certain display.

Do I need to send the dosimeter in for calibration?

No, the dosimeter is designed for maintenance-free usage throughout its lifetime.

How long does the battery in the i3 dosimeter last?

About two years under normal use. Batteries can be replaced by the user.
See the installation and service manual for guidance.

How do I find the dose history?

To access the dose history recorded in the Real-time Display, tap on the row for your dosimeter on the display. To access the internal dosimeter memory, connect the dosimeter to a computer running Dose Viewer.

Can I use the dosimeter for measurements in the primary X-ray beam?

No, the intended use is to measure scattered radiation only.

Like a canary in a coal mine
In the early days of coal mining, canaries were used as warning systems. If the little yellow bird stopped singing, the miners knew that the level of dangerous gases had substantially increased and it was time to exit the mine. In the operating room, RaySafe i3 is the modern-day canary. By providing real-time, accurate and easy-to-interpret dose information, RaySafe i3 helps health care workers decide when it is time to adjust their working behavior to avoid unnecessary exposure.
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