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Radiation Safety Monitoring For Your Practice

At LANDAUER, we put people first…because there’s no second guessing radiation exposure

If you consistently report low dosage on your staff radiation dose levels, you might be doing all the right things. Yet, to maximize long-term safety and minimize risks, continuous monitoring is vital – for both safety and efficiency reasons.

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92% of private practices monitor radition primarily for employee safety

Source: James Curtis Partners LLC


Easily order your Luxel+ badge, which has many advantages over film and TLD (thermoluminescent dosimeter) badges.

  • Durable
    • May be used for up to one year
    • Provides accurate dose measurements even when exposed to heat, moisture and pressure, unlike film and TLD badges
  • Accurate
    • Sensitive
  • Easy to wear and track
    • Customizable labels by employee, department, season, wear dates, locations
  • Reliable
    • Leading quality dosimeter badge supplier for over 60 years

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LANDAUER Dosimetry Service

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The LANDAUER Dosimetry Advantage for Private Practices

LANDAUER's cost effective and comprehensive radiation monitoring badge programs are in use by more than 80% of U.S. hospitals. The same technology, service and support are also in place at more than 20,000 private practices nationwide. Depending on your individual practice needs, LANDAUER has a dosimetry management program that is right for your practice. Visit the Dosimeters & Radiation Measurement Services page to learn more about dosimetry solutions and our product catalog of badges.

Mission Critical

Evidence of Low Dose  

One low dose report may not tell the whole story. Equipment and user issues can cause varying radiation exposures. With continuous monitoring, there are no assumptions – just safety assurance.

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