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Radiation Oncology Commissioning

Rely on Friendly Experts from a Leader – LANDAUER Medical Physics

Medical technology innovations drive new cancer care treatments. With linear accelerator tech advances, you want the assurance of a knowledgeable, experienced and customer-centric team for your commissioning project. The LANDAUER Medical Physics (LMP) Commissioning team brings state-of-the-art knowledge from ABR board-certified physicists.

The team is familiar with all major vendors equipment and is meticulous in their setup prior to performing measurements. All data collection meets or exceeds American Association of Physicists in Medicine (AAPM) recommendations for collecting data needed to perform accurate treatment planning.

Whether you’re purchasing, updating, replacing or integrating, the LMP linac commissioning services team delivers a comprehensive project.

Starting with a pre-quote data collection survey, the team works with your physicists to fully understand your needs, customize its approach and provide rapid – often in 3 days --  accurate turnaround so you can restart patient treatment.

Benefit from the knowledge that comes from LANDAUER, which employs the largest number of medical physicists in the U.S., and who share their knowledge among each other for your organization’s advantage.

Reach out for references; we think you’ll like what you hear.

The Experienced LANDAUER Commissioning Team Provides:

  • Varian TrueBeam, Halcyon, and Linac Commissioning
  • Elekta Versa HD, Infinity, and Synergy Commissioning
  • Stereotactic Radiosurgery (SRS) Commissioning
  • Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy (SBRT) Commissioning
  • Electron Monte Carlo Commissioning upgrade
  • Linac recommissioning for new treatment planning systems

Watch these videos about LMP Commissioning

LANDAUER Medical Physics Commissioning
How to perform small field dosimetry from people who do it for a living (learn our secrets)

Receiving Data Validation –

Clean, Clear and Comprehensively

“We deliver data with integrity, honesty, ethically. We will lose sleep to set up all the data points correctly. The data is meticulous,” said Tim Durant, BSEE, P.E., of the LANDAUER Commissioning Team.

When the team supplies you with the project data summary, you will receive a traditional, hard copy version along with a soft, digital file that includes all summary reports for documentation and sharing.

During the thorough handoff to your on-site staff, the LMP commissioning team ensures complete satisfaction and understanding of the data. This critical step is important to the partnering process. You will always receive all of the original and processed data, along with an explanation of how the data was obtained. There is no “black box.”

See Sample LANDAUER Cancer Center Data Book


LANDAUER Medical Physics Commissioning

See how the LANDAUER Medical Physics approach to LINAC commissioning offers a collaborative and efficient experience.

Commissioning Team Members

The LMP Medical Physics Commissioning team brings expertise, experience and enthusiasm to all assignments as they work collaboratively with your organization’s physicists to plan for an upgrade or new linear accelerator installation.

Led by Matt Daniels, PhD, DABR, and Robert Staton, PhD, DABR, the team can apply knowledge about all linac makes and models and treatment planning systems. They perform the highly specialized set of functions required to meet commissioning requirements to enable quality patient care and revenue acceleration. Collecting data from a set of detailed questions and reviewing them with the onsite physicist in advance results in a smooth and streamlined onsite commissioning experience. The team schedules work to fit the organization’s needs, often working after hours to ensure no impact on the day-to-day operations of the clinic or patient care.

Customization to your unique needs: 

  • Data collection for commissioning and any customized needs
  • Baseline data collection for periodic quality assurance
  • Treatment planning system modeling and verification
  • Acceptance testing
  • Radiation shielding survey
  • TG-51 machine output calibration
  • MPPG5a
  • HyperArc
  • Multi-Met

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