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radiologist and tech improving radiation safety with landauer real time dosimetry powered by raysafe i3

The LANDAUER Real-time Dosimetry Service is the latest generation of the real-time dose measurement system powered by RaySafe™. The new dosimeter includes unique functionality and designs such as ergonomic design, improved radiological performance, replaceable battery, a micro USB connector, replaceable plastic clip and LED error and wake up indicator, just to highlight some features.
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ABCs for Radiation Safety

Key Radiation terms

Behavior Modification

Workflow Optimization

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Key Features

RaySafe Real-time Dosimeter

  • Worn by users in the room, usually placed in chest/torso
  • Measures dose and dose rate
  • Communicates with Real-time Display via radio
  • Stores dose rates for the last hour of exposure, stores dose

RaySafe Real-time Display

  • Shows the Real-time View for up to 8 dosimeters
  • Ose rates are visualized as color coded bars
  • Stores all dose data for all dosimeters within range

RaySafe Dose Viewer

  • Administation of individual dosimeters
  • Shows and exports dose history for one dosimeter, connected with USB

RaySafe Dose Manager

  • Stores, visualizes and exports dose history for all dosimeters
  • Collects data from displays and huvs via network or USB
Detailed Specification (.pdf)