While you are busy repairing broken bones, sprains and tears, let LANDAUER keep your staff safe with radiation monitoring badges during patient diagnostic or treatment imaging.

Luxel+ dosimeter badges measure radiation exposure due to X-ray, gamma and beta radiation with optically stimulated luminescence (OSL) technology. These dosimeters are durable and are unaffected by heat, moisture and pressure. Offices that rely on Luxel+ badges for their radiation safety program receive a Radiation Dosimetry Report that provides the legal dose of record information for those wearing radiation monitoring dosimeters.

Want to Know About:
Radiation Exposure Limits? Regulatory Compliance?
Visit our FAQ section and select “Other Technical Information” to learn about ALARA limits and regulatory agencies.


Show that you have a compliant environment and meet radiation dose regulations with dosimeter badges that are lightweight and rugged – and easy to disinfect during this time of COVID-19.

As you do your best to provide worry-free care to your patients and their parents, let LANDAUER manage your radiation compliance with:

  • The most accurate radiation dose measurements in the industry
  • Easy access to individual radiation dose reports through the myLDR online portal
  • Specialized dosimetry services and support including understanding fetal monitoring rules
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