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New Radiation Safety Officer Standards from The Joint Commission

Effective January 1, 2019, new standards around Radiation Safety Officers will be put in place by The Joint Commission.  LANDAUER offers Radiation Safety Support Services to address these upcoming changes. 

Keep your Radiation Safety Program Compliant

Learn more about the new standards from The Joint Commission and how the LANDAUER team can help keep you compliant below.

LD.04.01.05 25

Designated Radiation Safety Officer

The hospital designates an individual to serve as the Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) who is responsible for making certain that radiologic services are provided in accordance with law, regulation, and organizational policy.

The RSO has the necessary authority and leadership support to:

  • Monitor and verify compliance with established radiation safety practices (including oversight of dosimetry monitoring)
  • Provide recommendations for improved radiation safety
  • Intervene as needed to stop unsafe practices
  • Implement corrective action

No matter your situation, Radiation Safety Support Services provide:

  • Support for your current Radiation Safety Officer

  • Guidance on naming an Radiation Saftey Officer

  • Support for your Radiation Safety Program with Dosimetry Management and Regulatory Compliance

Be Ready for Change

With Radiation Safety Support Services, let LANDAUER help you feel confident that your facility is not at risk. 

Learn about Radiation Safety Support Services