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New Dose Optimization Standards from The Joint Commission

Effective January 1, 2019, new standards around dose optimization will be put in place by The Joint Commission.  LANDAUER can help your imaging department meet the new standards with Clinical Dose Optimization Service™ (CDOS).

Keep your imaging department compliant

Learn more about the new standards from The Joint Commission and how the LANDAUER team can help keep you compliant below.

PC.01.02.15, EP 13


Document fluoroscopy doses in a retrievable format
The cumulative-air kerma or kerma-area product are documented in a retrievable format. For fluoroscopy equipment that cannot display or provide cumulative-air kerma or kerma-area product, fluoroscopy time and number of images acquired are documented in a retrievable format, such as a picture archiving and communication system.

PI.02.01.01, EP 20


Identify fluoroscopy dose thresholds to indicate alerts
The hospital identifies radiation exposure and skin dose threshold levels, that if exceeded, trigger further review and/or patient evaluation to assess for adverse radiation effects.

PC.02.01.01 30


Analyze fluoroscopy alerts
The hospital reviews and analyzes instances where the radiation exposure and skin dose threshold levels identified by the organization are exceeded.

CDOS Fluoroscopy

  • Guidelines for notification levels and substantial radiation dose levels
  • Monitoring patient doses and incidents that exceed dose thresholds
  • Reports highlighting opportunities to optimize techniques
  • Informed consent form
  • Education on techniques to manage skin dose during the procedure
  • Patient discharge instructions for substantial radiation dose thresholds
  • Peak skin dose calculations

Be Ready for Change

Ensure the safety of your imaging operations for CT and Fluoroscopy to deliver exceptional image quality with the lowest possible exposure dose to the patient. Let LANDAUER help you feel confident your imaging department is not at risk.

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