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Medical, Dental, Veterinary & Chiropractic Professionals

Experience the LANDAUER Luxel+ Dosimetry Radiation Badge Difference

The Luxel+ badge has many advantages over film and TLD (thermoluminescent dosimeter) badges.

  • Durable
    • May be used for up to one year
    • Provides accurate dose measurements even when exposed to heat, moisture and pressure, unlike film and TLD badges
  • Flexible frequency:
    • Simplify your badge program by maintaining longer wear frequency with the Luxel+ which stores data for a much longer period-of-time than film and TLD badges
  • Accurate
    • Sensitive
  • Easy to wear and track
    • Customizable look by employee, department, season, wear dates, locations
  • Reliable
    • Leading quality dosimeter badge supplier for over 60 years
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Medical, Dental, Chiropractic offices and Veterinary Office Radiation Monitoring

Enjoy peace-of-mind by keeping your employees safe and ensuring your facility meets state and accreditation requirements. Unique safety issues exist in medical practices using X-ray equipment. Let us help you monitor employee dose from X-ray equipment including special badge coverage needed for declared pregnant workers.

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  • Employee safety
    • 92% of private practices monitor radiation primarily for employee safety
  • Any individual operating or exposed to X-Ray radiation equipment
    • Pregnant women need a fetal dosimeter badge to monitor radiation exposure to them and their unborn child
  • Reduce cumulative radiation exposure risk
    • Regularly monitor exposure by employee
    • Maximize long term safety
  • Dosimeter Radiation badges are required by many states
    • Hospitals use dosimeter badges, professional offices offering radiation services should too
      • More than 80% of U.S. hospitals rely on LANDAUER badges for trusted radiation monitoring
      • Over 20,000 private practices use LANDAUER dosimeter badge technology, service and support