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Radiation Oncology Commissioning

Accelerate Your ROI with LANDAUER’s Proprietary Oncology Equipment Commissioning Process

Fast. Thorough. Accurate. Closing the gap between oncology equipment commissioning and patient treatment is a bottom line issue.

Whether you’re purchasing, replacing or integrating, LANDAUER gets your equipment commissioned to help you get up and running fast—accelerating your return on investment.

LANDAUER medical physicists have commissioned more than 400 systems, some in as little as a week. Here’s how: the team uses a proprietary streamlined process combined with state-of-the-art testing equipment that ensures rapid, accurate linear accelerator commissioning.

Helpful Resources

See how shielding design services from LANDAUER can help your facility as you plan for your new linac.  

An independent quality assurance review by our medical physicists can ensure your radiation oncology program meets the latest clinical and regulatory standards.

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Turn to LANDAUER for Commissioning and Get:

  • Extensive experience with many vendors: both linac and TPS
  • Rapid completion time of commissioning: a dedicated team supervised under a board certified physicist
  • Validation results in digital and hardcover: a comprehensive data book and commissioning report details the process
  • Customization to your unique needs: whether it’s one facility with one linac or a multi-unit organization with many different kinds of equipment
  • A reduced possibility of delays: due to state-of-the art equipment
  • Data commissioning: the team can perform either a full data commissioning or commissioning using reference data for certain specific products

Your Team, Your Way

Commissioning is a team process. LANDAUER brings the most appropriately sized team to each project while still allowing your on-site physicists to determine their own level of involvement. Whatever you decide for your commissioning process, we’ve got you covered.

Get Help You Need When You Need It

Contact a LANDAUER representative now to discuss equipment commissioning.

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