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Be Ready for Change

Effective January 1, 2019, new standards around equipment evaluation, RSOs, education and patient dose will be put in place by The Joint Commission.  LANDAUER offers comprehensive solutions to address many of these upcoming changes.  Let us help you feel confident your imaging department is not at risk.

Keep your imaging department compliant.

Learn how the LANDAUER team can address each new standard with services below.

Annual Equipment Survey


At least annually, a diagnostic medical physicist conducts a performance evaluation of fluoroscopic imaging equipment.

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Radiation Safety

LD.04.01.05 25

The hospital designates an individual to serve as the radiation safety officer.

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HR.01.05.03 15

The hospital verifies and documents ongoing education that includes annual training on radiation dose optimization techniques and safe procedures for the operation of fluoroscopic equipment.

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Patient Dose

PC.01.02.15 13

The cumulative-air kerma or kerma-area product are documented in a retrievable format.

PC.02.01.01 30

The hospital identifies radiation exposure and skin dose thresholds, for review and/or patient evaluation to assess for adverse radiation effects.

PI.02.01.01 20

The hospital reviews and analyzes instances where the radiation exposure and skin dose thresholds are exceeded.

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