As a single source, total solution for your radiation safety, compliance needs --

With the synergies of RaySafe and Fluke Biomedical as Your Integrated Delivery Network partners

As radiology and imaging leaders, we present you with a unique one-stop opportunity to consolidate suppliers to provide your needs with:

  • Occupational dosimetry: whole body, extremity, lens of eye, fetal
  • Radiation dose optimization in CT, fluoroscopy scanning with customized imaging physicist attention
  • Onsite or remote therapy physics services including medical dosimetry
  • Linear accelerator commissioning from a dedicated, ABR-certified physicists
  • Radiation Safety Support Services to assist in policy review, consulting
  • Education:  Radiation safety for your employees with LANDAUER Academy

And these synergistic products and services for radiation safety and quality control from RaySafe, including:

  • Real-time staff dosimetry, the i3 system, perfect for those working in interventional suites
  • Innovative, new 452 survey meter that measures ionizing radiation in a wide variety of applications and linear accelerator
  • RaySafe X2 X-ray measurement system gives imaging physicists an X-ray test device that provides accurate measurements
  • RaySafe product service, calibration and support

And more synergies with Fluke Biomedical including:

  • The full line of medical test equipment by Fluke Biomedical, fully integrated and automated performance testing and documentation systems
  • Fluke Biomedical OneQA workflow software that pairs with Fluke Biomedical test equipment to automate testing via standardized and customizable test procedures.
  • Advantage Training for free and instant access to both basic and advanced medical device quality assurance training courses

Talk to us for an assessment to standardize your radiation safety and quality assurance needs with the only supplier bringing you this specialized scope and breadth.

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