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Chiropractic Growing as Primary Care


More patients in the U.S.  are seeking complementary treatment and benefitting from diagnostic X-rays to treat musculoskeletal conditions. Signal your office’s commitment to complete radiation safety and quality care by ordering the leading radiation dosimetry badge for your staff.

Monitoring their radiation exposure is recommended by federal and state regulators as a standard component of your radiation protection program. Luxel+ dosimeter badges from the industry leader LANDAUER help protect chiropractic staff with a durable and simple NVLAP accredited solution.

“Patients like our attention to radiation safety.”

- Terry, Chiropractic Technologist


Get it.
Wear it.
Return it.
Get reports.

Rely on the Leader

LANDAUER is the industry leader in radiation science and services. Since 1954, LANDAUER has been addressing safety risks and providing products and services to help health care providers and their staffs. Today, LANDAUER provides dosimetry services to 80% of U.S. hospitals and to more than 20,000 small medical practices.

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